Unclaimed Money: $6.1 Million Payout in Missouri Could be Largest in U.S. History

Award is believed to be the biggest unclaimed money payout in U.S. history.

Dec. 14, 2011 — -- Someone in Missouri will get very lucky today. That person will be the recipient of the largest unclaimed money award in U.S. history: $6.1 million.

The states estimate that one in every 10 people has unclaimed money waiting for them. Sometimes the amounts can be eye-popping. In dusty warehouses in states all across the country lie records detailing $32 billion worth of unclaimed money, just waiting for its rightful owners.

"Good Morning America" has been reuniting people with their forgotten funds. We've found them $418,598 so far.

And today, the state of Missouri will present the biggest known unclaimed money check in U.S. history.

The $6.1 million check will go to a Kansas City woman who wants to remain anonymous. Years ago, her ancestors invested in an obscure company. The stock got lost as it was passed down through the generations, growing to the sum it's worth today.

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There have been other extra-large single unclaimed money awards before. New York state previously held the record for the largest unclaimed money payout when it returned $4 million. Wisconsin has returned $1.5 million.

Missouri has issued other significant payouts. According to state treasurer Clint Zweifel, a man in St. Joseph, Mo., received $100,000, comprising unclaimed money from 15 different securities accounts.

"There is so much money that's out there waiting for Americans to claim," Zweifel told "GMA." "Just to give you an example, in Missouri alone I have more than 600 million dollars on hand waiting for Missourians."

Missouri has already returned $103 million in unclaimed funds to more than 303,000 people in the state since January 2009.

As far as "GMA" can tell, no state has ever presented as big a check as today's payout in Missouri.

Missouri residents may check for unclaimed property at any time at www.ShowMeMoney.com.