Some Food Packages Will Tell You How Often You Should Eat What's Inside

Mars Food said it's adding "occasional" or "everyday" to some grocery products.

— -- U.S. customers may soon start seeing food labels that suggest how often they should be eating that package of rice.

The pioneering initiative could affect Uncle Ben's and Mars’ Seeds of Change organic products in the United States, which would have the "occasional" labels. The company hasn't finalized the kinds of label because it's conducting research on what would resonate most with customers.

Mars Chocolate's 29 brands, like M&Ms, Twix, Snickers and Milky Way, are separate from Mars Food and aren't affected.

"This initiative applies only to Mars Food for the time being, and we will be rolling out the labels across the global product portfolio," a Mars Food spokeswoman told ABC News, adding that the company doesn't anticipate using the “occasional” label in the United States on more than a few products.

The company will label “occasional” products on a rolling basis over the next five years, beginning with some products within the next year, the spokeswoman said. And in the next few months, Mars Food will provide a list on its website regarding which foods are “occasional" or “everyday," and which are being reformulated over the next five years to reduce sodium, sugar or fat.