America's Money: New Infant Formula Standards

Also in today's business news: cyber-crime costs; Sam's Club new 'smart cards'; Spam-filled donuts!
1:42 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for America's Money: New Infant Formula Standards
America's number one. Move towards calling cybercrime and -- industry it's a cyber attacks cost the global. Economy 400 billion dollars a year that -- -- Only going to rise. The report also estimates it costs the US economy of the 200000. Jobs offices cyber attacks follow simple rule go where the money yes. Sam's Club will soon be offering a new high tech Smart card it says he'll make customers more secure. -- about two weeks it'll become the first national retailer -- credit cards that use both a magnetic strip. And embedded microchip to store data -- needed to -- -- transaction. The FDA has finalized new safety standards for infant formula. Manufacturers will have to prove their formula supports normal physical growth. Products will be tested for nutrient content and they'll be mandatory testing for Salmonella and other bacteria. The new rules go -- to fact in September. Hardy new concoction for families who need jelly you and you conflict jelly doughnut with spam instead of British restaurant just that in the spam filled street to its menu. Young man -- landing at a regular -- and happening filled with canned pork. Innovative -- it up and -- deep -- -- customers by the way apparently love it. That is so count me out on I usually I see these things I go yeah I'll try it when we try morning. Well you don't you -- -- I will doesn't look particularly good.

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{"id":24067269,"title":"America's Money: New Infant Formula Standards","duration":"1:42","description":"Also in today's business news: cyber-crime costs; Sam's Club new 'smart cards'; Spam-filled donuts!","url":"/Business/video/americas-money-infant-formula-standards-24067269","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}