New App Groovebook Prints 100 Smart Phone Photos for $2.99

Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary reveals why he invested in Brian Whiteman's idea.
5:26 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for New App Groovebook Prints 100 Smart Phone Photos for $2.99
-- but tell us about it. It looks amazing benefits from myself once in the eighties was a film editor photographer reliving doing that. The minute I saw a group -- I knew there was something really powerful there it's such a simple concept. It takes the hundred best photos in your iPhone. Every month which is basically your lights it's your family it's your life it's your girlfriend boyfriend husband -- -- -- turns it into a physical cataloged. Like this for two dollars and 99 cents and it comes in the mail every month. And what's proprietary about it is this -- This is what Ryan -- dead because because it's a group when he patented its full -- magazine. So we shipping literally thirty plus since it's going to be two -- -- -- you get the whole thing. For 299. It was like -- bolts of lightning when I saw. Because who doesn't want their photos. But there's a shot of the sharks right there -- brought this with them right -- -- That's your -- want right Kevin. We want we want Iranian -- right now Brian whiteman the founder and CEO of -- book. He's joining us as well here on -- is Brian so nice to have you with us as well. -- to -- -- you highlight this triple boxing got going here -- -- Up so Brian you're pitching -- and all the sharks on this idea what was going through your night. I will Wear white tonight we're we're very stressed out being in the tank is not easy day pickled shark -- -- reason. And we knew we had an incredible product in the new. When they -- we had offered -- it would all be excited in all the shark experts say and and they all wanted to jump in India part of -- -- why mr. wonderful. Well as watching the shows for last five years I always thought Kevin mr. wonderful sharpest so it just worked out absolutely perfectly. -- you -- your wife come up with a game plan beforehand that. Depending on who was gonna say yes and bit on -- you knew exactly what you're gonna do. We -- worked out every possible scenarios -- -- and you know stayed up nights and most nights trying to think about it and how it went down was nothing new -- autos and -- out. -- the biggest surprise. The biggest surprise was. When you didn't like it but we -- know that the group and by pilgrims and -- incredible feeling as we knew it had an incredible product. And it was incredible experience. After so so what. What some people might not realize about -- taken this is real money this is cabins money it's marks money all the sharks actually put their money into these deals. After the shell there's the second vetting process right so -- you are the real deal when you get that money. Yes yes there's -- due diligence process and we went through it all and -- everything worked upper quickly. You know that the night that shark tank here we had 35000. -- -- subscribers. Into -- five months later -- 242000. Monthly paid subscribers. Incredible growth and and from every story I've heard from shark tank whether you win you lose if you don't get the money on the show -- night they show airs. You see that growth just skyrocket people are looking up on the website have heard some web sites actually even crash. Yeah we knew you were obviously well prepared that you had a 100000 downloads to applicant first couple of days. So what's what's the end game for you and how do you work that -- -- kept it. Well then game is just to build an incredible product for customers and it is long as we do that we know -- -- keep the subscription growing. There's just no way. Anybody that sees our product that sees what you get for 299 a month per hundred photos. Would not want the product. We just want to keep developing our product and giving our customers. The best value possible. What would be your number one piece of advice to an entrepreneur or who -- to get on shark tank. I won't be extremely well prepared spend time spend hours and weeks the months. Getting all of your numbers together and know your business insight now. If there is -- think there was a trick for you in your wife to actually get through with a lot of people say oh I got a call from shark tank. But they don't actually make it on. Well as you know there's 40000 people don't apply last year in a little over a hundred auto maker. And it just takes persistence and you've got to have a -- product it and know your your business insight now. Well Brian thank you so much thanks for sharing your product grew -- Kevin O'Leary. Any last words of wisdom we want to hear from you what's your number one piece of advice to all the -- for -- out there who. Want to make their business a dream. Three things to remember. Number one be able to articulate your idea ninety seconds or less Ruble was able to do that it was so easy to understand what they did -- explain it. In sixty seconds. Number to explain why you're the right person to -- -- business plan. And get this one number three know your numbers you come on the shark tank you don't know your numbers I will teach you a -- If it. We've seen it happen. Mr. wonderful Kevin O'Leary Brian -- -- but thank you so much to both of you for joining us really interesting stuff and best wishes to about the -- --

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{"id":24113353,"title":"New App Groovebook Prints 100 Smart Phone Photos for $2.99","duration":"5:26","description":"Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary reveals why he invested in Brian Whiteman's idea.","url":"/Business/video/app-groovebook-prints-100-smart-phone-photos-299-24113353","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}