App Lets You Look up Info on Your Crush; Coffee with Aerosmith's Joe Kramer

Rebecca Jarvis has the inside scoop on what's happening only on Real Biz 2.05.2014
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for App Lets You Look up Info on Your Crush; Coffee with Aerosmith's Joe Kramer
Hello and welcome to real bands I'm Rebecca Jarvis -- New York City -- here's what's happening right now lying dating. In the digital -- dressing up for Fashion Week. And what do Aerosmith and -- have in common it's a real is -- we'll have the answer coming up but first stop. If you're not sure whether this is creepy -- cool we'd like to hear from you tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis and -- real -- A -- here at a party you walk -- you see someone -- guy or girl. Without even talking to them. Thanks to a new -- you can find out their favorite music there name even where they're from. It's called social radar and lets you do all of that and more right from your Smartphone Michael chase and came up with the idea. And he's here to join us on real -- Michael -- -- it's seen as well so how did you come up with this bring you the guy in the bar looking at a girl. You know I've always -- been fascinated by technology in the fact that now that there's over a billion Smartphones in the world that people are carrying around in the pocket. Which -- in -- -- location beacons. And is now over two billion user profiles on line. And you know what it successfully put those together so that -- walked into room whether it was a borrower a restaurant or a meeting or an event. That you would know who was around you and how you were connected to them. Do we really need to -- I mean yes there are certain reasons why you might want to now. But if you're one of those people -- -- be anonymous people thinking you're just enjoying yourself. How do you feel about -- that's. Well one of the things that we focused on rebuilding the application was building in a -- -- control over your own privacy so if you're in the -- the restaurant and you don't want to be disturbed you can actually go to an anonymous -- even an invisible mode so I have to be on the -- in order to be seen at all. Well you either have to be on the -- to be seen or social radar actually monitors FaceBook foursquare in -- linked in Twitter and Google+. For any location events that happen across all of the social networks for any your friends so basically -- you see is everyone on social radar. As wells all of your friends on the other network whenever they share their location so you're telling me if I'm already on any other -- not just yours but any other at -- can see me and tell the people who are using yours all about me. Again only if you or sharing that information so we respect your privacy no matter what network Iraq. But in today's society need right now there's there's over five million check in today on foursquare alone has over six billion location events on FaceBook every year. People are comfortable sharing their location because they're getting a lot of -- it is great to know if you're walking down the Streeter deciding where to go where your friends -- hanging out. Or an amendment to the power you're visiting another city -- -- no one around -- -- looking for something to do you can look at your phone you realize all day an old friend of mine from college is also ten. That's very powerful and that's why a lot of people are excited by that technology that social radars the -- You this isn't your first technology you also about black -- How much more. Do you think technology is going to infiltrate our privacy as we go forward -- and do you think that more people are going to be opting in -- opting out of it. Well certainly with all of the talk going on about the intrusive. Government request that Yahoo! and Google in the -- people are very concerned on. Whether their information is being shared -- -- their knowledge with the government. The people are very comfortable letting sites like FaceBook or Twitter have their information -- I get a benefit when Twitter knows more about your FaceBook knows more about me. Because they can provide better targeted ads or maybe she'll be things that I might be interested that I don't even realize. So in those cases people are very much willing to share -- information it's whether the government steps -- says you don't want to look at that information as well. The people haven't read it. That they get upset so. The only party pointed out there while they put -- out there for their friends and in some cases -- -- I'm not saying that in all cases people have agreed to let the government look at their information but. It here tweeting us -- real -- or tweeting with you -- sending anything out on FaceBook you are putting out their for the world. The people also expect to get something in return for that -- people were using social radar even though they're sharing a location when they're using the application. What they get in return is being part of this broader community people look at sale hey we went to -- together what a coincidence work in the same restaurant. Are going to a conference to say no actually no fifty people here at the conference that if I didn't see them I might not need to know that they were here now -- can reach out to communicate with them. Or imagine the the the other types of -- instances -- people can. Make new friends by going into a restaurant or preventing you know what you have we have a mutual friend in common we have a common interest. Using the tech technology I think if you can actually create greater connections to peacefully and in fact I believe it's gonna take a lot of what's going on on line in the social space. To bring us together in the real -- -- to -- I'm hearing -- a lot I I heard that from -- B&B recently that that's sort of the next phase of all of this that. All of these things that are happening in computers an -- Smartphones are ideally going to bring us closer and more connected together in the real world. How do you make money on this is an advertising like everyone else. Well right now we're really focused on creating a great user experience getting as many people on a platform as possible and continue to refine the -- building -- scaling and getting better before -- focused on the dollar and then hopefully getting bought out by somebody may well is that what you're thinking well I mean that's not what our goal is to mean we really want -- we -- great technology has an incredible user experience and and we think it's -- fundamentally change the way people meet and connect. It certainly longer term we think that there's opportunities for advertising -- respects that's not -- or focused on your your thinking about the user experience how many users either -- We just launched this past Thursday so -- that after the -- I -- you if you have an iPhone. Go ahead and download social radar one word. It's available via iTunes store and will be coming up shortly on both Google last year and -- injury as well paying the glass will be interesting as you see people. The information coming rated -- it's a great form factor this type of technology -- imagine if you're wearing your Google -- and -- -- into -- room and immediately rate for the view pops up you know ten people here you can flip through those people -- -- so when your interest in talking to little. But -- -- a compass feature to walk right up to them. It's a great form factor for the technology we developed unique -- not a lot of people have -- last. Yet. We're -- cited by the possibilities Michael Jason thanks so much well thank you very much for having me on the -- social radar at you can download it right now in iPhone store in the Apple Store. You can download it on iTunes in the App Store right now also -- -- people to follow us on Twitter at social radar -- it. And let us know anything -- just social world thanks so much might help a great thank you very much for have -- on the -- It's -- you know social Fashion Week where all the models become social and all the who's who of the fashion world gets together. That kicks off tomorrow here in New York -- -- -- forget the styles that the models are showing up on the runway. For many it's about what the celebrities are wearing on the red carpet in front of those runways so how -- A Lister is going to stand out on the social scene. Who better to ask -- -- well she is one of the most powerful celebrity stylist. Her client Olivia Wilde -- -- Steinfeld just to name a few it's so nice to chat with you. Money it is an early one for you there joining us from the West Coast but we really enjoy. Talking with people from all different parts of the country and -- -- you joining us now so. What is -- thing you expect out of Fashion Week this year. Well it interesting in his -- all breast I don't really have many. Preconceived ideas what was in -- but I loved. And seeing runaway and won't be seeing what we're gonna answer when the science. Into seeing. The influences and how they're gonna carry through starting in New York one and ask you dress all of. -- celebrities what do you think is the biggest fashion mistake. The celebrities that your dressing make and not just those people but all of us. I don't I bet you your clothes nuts getting you well and may not -- -- -- -- closes one of the biggest mistakes. Someone -- I hope it doesn't happen in my client data -- Ill fitting clothes and and one of the things we kind of art. Hey at least you're trying and it -- We're but patents. What right now aren't -- most on point trans what are we see on the runway. I think -- seen little return to to minimalism a lot of sporting as we saw with. Should now it's her show this sneakers -- every luck I think we're returning tonight. A lot more comfort a lot flats were starting to see on the red carpet on celebrities let's. I think is a very welcome. Welcome addition to our footwear -- What are the risks what are the biggest risks people should take in the fashion world and in terms of their -- -- as. I think and lesson learned about admiral doesn't take. Lots of rest I think they influenced -- what we -- a red carpet you know I love seeing women like -- and saddened. You know Mike Landa -- while the risk and that he's cheese for the Golden Globes I just think having little more but maybe not hearing so much let. The week police say about how you loved ones -- is uneasy feel great that's that's more or. Karla Welch thank you so much for joining us thanks for getting up early and good luck with the crazy after a -- you've got ahead. -- so much back. Now from fashion to copy. That is Aerosmith that you're here playing in the background why. Whole company have to do with one of America's best rock -- I will tell you it is Joey Kramer Aerosmith is grammar. And he's not only a hall of fame musician he also runs a copy company called rocket and roasted it's so great to have you. And you brought it and you brought some copy for me to sample I did which it's perfect time a day yes it is. How many cups of copy you have every day. Alone. I can't say how you know two in the way -- and it depends on how -- -- It's funny because right before we -- -- that you told me the later in the day. The last -- you're gonna -- and I that I could drink and don't spend too late mills -- like a baby -- I think. So rock and roasted -- into the copied -- this when your party in this world start musician while. You know it's a completely different thing it says something else that I have a passion for my whole life. Since I'm a little kid. And we have a passion for something. -- usually turns out good if you you -- -- -- turn into a business or were created whatever direction and gone with it. And the coffee company is kind of blowing up I didn't expected to be where it is. At this point in time we only went into retail stores as of last August. But. Where in like you know Stop & Shop and Roche Brothers and -- for Brothers and he's -- to Costco. And it's going real well and I love coffee that's the. Bottom line if you think you got into when your kid when was your first cup of -- I would say probably new loans thirteen or 1413 airports it probably. I was thinking that when I was a kid my dad used to speak my sister and I cups of -- when we're like I've -- with -- my mom just look that much different when you're kid and when I was a kid yet totally. So how -- you actually involved in the business side of this well -- registered names -- -- one thing that I really like to accentuate -- people it is to the public is that I'm not just another celebrity putting my name on a product. To make money. That's not what it's about for me that's not what it's ever been for about remain the same win -- my music you know the reason I think that we're still around after all these years. Is because we've withstood the test of time. And coffee is. You know like -- -- it's it's my passion. And I'm hands on. With everything that goes on and the company -- hands -- -- -- -- coffee myself. You yet a cup of coffee myself because when a batch of these comes out this Roloson. They send it to me I -- -- myself to my house. And I should I send back you know my either yea or day. And -- when you say you cut it that means you try it I stay I try and I tested nothing goes out until I tested. And I'm very hands on role in decisions on the CEO of the company. I'm very hands on -- decisions very Connecticut's decided whether it's merchandise coffee packaging whatever -- there all the time visitor facility all the time. And I'm hands on Smart company it's my baby and I can't put my name on something in and -- it's going to be. You know the best quality their -- -- -- all the stuff that goes along with it because of where I come from and Hawaiian I'm. The bottom line is that it's still. A really good cup of coffee it's really good gourmet coffee. -- -- -- -- No not yet not yet not yet we couldn't makes it with something at a show maybe. We could we could. I mean how involved has Aerosmith gotten as a group in this are they are they are they behind JR they are they playing a mom I'm sure the plan alone. But this is completely my baby you know it's it's something completely outside abandoned. -- -- almond almond -- it's it's fun and usually when you have fun doing something that comes out well. It comes out very well and this is organic yes oh yes absolutely. How important is it in the -- -- right now to be organic and to have that extra added component. -- I. That's very important I think -- there's a lot of people out there. I think it's important I don't think that people really realize what kind of coffee -- drinking and in the morning or whatever time today. And the ability to have your coffee a whole lot better than it really is is easy but the learning curve. Which is what I'm trying to get involved and to show people that they can buy a coffee like rocket or roast them. For the same the same price or something that priority drinking but it's much better coffee just a question of getting people try it. And I know that once I get people to try it they'll be back for more. A lot of people are trying Starbucks as well as and -- -- yeah. How do you feel about that how do you see Starbucks are they the competition would you ever drink a cup of Starbucks -- I don't drink Starbucks coffee because now that you're asking really care for -- -- it's I think if just for me for -- -- my case it's a bit burned and is an have to change things for me. I don't my coffee is not like that. I don't care for that and they are the big guy. On the block you know there's no there's no denying that if they -- Hewitt said Joey will want to sell your -- -- stores what you say. You know like I guess everything is negotiable. At a price. You going to -- -- at a price called. I don't million Ottawa I don't think there's much that I would do it -- two. Go against the quality of -- -- for your sacrifice if you will. You know what it is -- I'm doing my company it's my baby I'm really proud of it I'm not I'm not willing to -- -- out just to make money. It's not about that for me. Joey Kramer so nice to me help thank you this is great copy. I need Milken mine which is under the table which is why didn't put -- -- hoping to make sure we had a conversation that it mean it making my copy paper make sure they taste great thank you for joining thanks for -- and have a great -- thank you rocket in rose steadily Kelly Kramer. Thank you so much for joining us on real bans until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York -- -- -- one.

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