Apple Announces 'Mother of All Releases for Developers'

The tech giant makes waves at its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference.
5:31 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Apple Announces 'Mother of All Releases for Developers'
I'm down Cutler and new York and as Wall -- caller today for Monday June 2 this story stock. Today another bite out of apple tech giant kicked off his yearly worldwide developers conference in San Francisco. No new iphones -- ipads here -- CEO Tim Cook did make some pretty big news. You're also going to see the mother of all releases. Its board developers. It's a huge released and it's so huge that we've dedicated an entire section of the presentation. Just for the us. Not to oversell it apparently but heard from the man himself Tim Cook saying the mother of all releases for developers. Well Aaron task for now -- glued -- his power -- all day long logging each and every detail from today's conference and Aaron. I -- quick background on exactly what happens at the apple worldwide developers conference. This is the the annual pilgrimage that developers take it's Apple's headquarters are or at least the -- San Francisco. -- hear from the the company about what platforms they have in the works it's all about software. And it's all about service to mean the developer community this is the though. The wonk fest of wonk fest really and I don't mean that in a negative way. These are the people who actually are developing the apps that most of the rest of us use and in often cases love -- rely on and so apple is giving out. The newest platform and and I believe that that clip you showed was Tim Cook about to announce -- which is in new programming language. But -- unveiled today and it it really is a -- deal if you're a developer. As a consumer -- not gonna see. The effects of this for probably several months but for the developers it is a really big deal it's where -- small seeds of ingenuity and creativity I didn't born right there and -- apple described -- five days. A thousand apple engineers and 5000 -- will gather together and life will be different. As a result. I mean that's certainly apple is not as strangers to have been able to build things up with some -- Some of -- I want to ask you about this is -- the new operating system Yosemite. -- revealing an exciting new way in fact to search let's listen. Spotlight -- and a click here on the magnifying glass and -- got a search field right in the middle of the screen. Can -- just a couple of characters to watch out like any reminders. There it is it's that easy I can also do great searches like just type a few characters -- I've got Yosemite. Entry from Wikipedia. I've got news. From from various sources I even have maps right here. Now. Here's a question I have for you because the search engine is used is not Google is being in fact in the spotlight so. Do we -- anything about that -- you know how that placement is taking any kind of effect. Oh yes mean Apple's very clearly feeling like it's in direct competition with Google and it is -- competition with Google. Were dominance in the Smartphone world and Google's Android has been winning certainly with -- market share around the world -- -- apple has lot of the mind share and obviously they were the the first movers -- Google's Android. It was much faster growing has more market share around the world and you know apple and -- -- very clearly see that as a competitive threat. And this search function is is directly aimed at that -- cook also. Took a little -- that Google Android platform you're talking about security woes he might not -- -- security of an android phone and apple were much more secure. So clearly -- you know apple. Is seeing a threat from Google and they're trying to go out directly that despite all this media attention now and we're obviously talking about it Apple's stock. Came in with a few bruises today entitlement -- -- an intraday chart and see how that broke down from all the excitement billion up from investors. Preparing for this worldwide developers conference. This is how the stock performed -- the past two days you know what do we expect for the rest of the conference if this is the kind of result that we see from Wall Street investors. Well I think this is typical actually what happens around the developers conference the stock tends to rally heading into the conference. There's all kinds of speculation about incredible new developments are gonna come out with -- and the expectations just got -- you high. Certainly for this conference in part of idling some of the -- excuse me. Some apple -- themselves Tim Cook and some -- senior apple executives read the -- conference last week and talking about. You know they have the most exciting. Product lineup they've ever seen in 25 years coming out of apple this year and you when you consider what apple has come out -- last when he five years the iPhone the iPad. ITunes. And and many other incredibly successful products -- -- to say that's the best it's been it's when he five years that's that's an incredibly high bar. And I don't think any company. Could exceed that they also announced lead to gain that they were -- streaming today's event which further ratchet up the expectation that they may announce something. Maybe apple TV or some other credible blockbuster product which they didn't do. And so I think that's why you saw little cell the news reaction in the stock market I -- -- -- yes and play out the next couple of days Aaron -- round of finance Aaron thank you so much appreciate your time -- your -- Even watching the story stock stay with for latest headlines I'm Dan that's -- New York.

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{"id":23964877,"title":"Apple Announces 'Mother of All Releases for Developers'","duration":"5:31","description":"The tech giant makes waves at its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference.","url":"/Business/video/apple-announces-mother-releases-developers-23964877","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}