Apple Looking for Beats in $3.2B Deal

Apple Inc. is close to acquiring the headphone maker and music-streaming service.
1:59 | 05/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple Looking for Beats in $3.2B Deal
And America's this morning continues now with America's money. Apple is said to be in talks to buy beats electronics popular headphone maker co founded by rap mogul Dr. Dre -- the reported 3.2. Billion dollar deal would be Apple's biggest acquisition ever. Would also include the new -- music streaming service a deal could be announced. As early as next week. -- -- California senate has approved a so called kill switch bill legislation that would require anti theft technology in all new Smartphones. The bill which failed on its first try -- designed to deter cell phone fax from by allowing rather owners to remotely disable their device if lost or stolen. And -- products will no longer be labeled all natural and nothing artificial Kellogg is making the change to settle a class action lawsuit which claimed the company used synthetic an artificial ingredients. Kellogg will also pay five million dollars as part of that settlement. All right bad news from -- drinkers a big distillers says the current shortage shows no sign of easing buffalo -- says increased demand has forced it. To add staff and crank up production but -- -- shortages remain and that's the case across the industry. Which could eventually lead to higher prices not -- -- that China held urban -- Diana. -- pass through wars -- up with two top contenders stepping up their game you no longer have to wait for lunchtime to get a whopper Burger King is adding hammers to its breakfast menu. Along with chicken sandwiches and Fries McDonald's is testing do it yourself seasoned Fries you can choose from three spices garlic parmesan spicy buffalo resist. -- -- -- cool dusty ranch at 9 o'clock in the morning thing is they're adding that burgers and breakfast -- but I always find sometimes I want the breakfasts at the lunch -- -- wonder -- they didn't do that as well I really do think McDonald's jump on board with what you're saying because I can't -- Bologna get parents five minutes ten letter to congress to -- it exactly I'm a little upset about that but I'm happy ever accused of being and I can have my what is it dusty -- member -- nice. -- -- in the morning. My -- breakfast from.

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{"id":23655294,"title":"Apple Looking for Beats in $3.2B Deal","duration":"1:59","description":"Apple Inc. is close to acquiring the headphone maker and music-streaming service.","url":"/Business/video/apple-could-acquire-beats-23655294","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}