Apple's iPhone Map App Mess, Walmart Shelves The Kindle

Aaron Task analyzes the morning business headlines.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Apple's iPhone Map App Mess, Walmart Shelves The Kindle
They haven't the opening bell this Friday September 21. Look -- and meg Oliver in New York. We could be heading into the weekend and -- high now Dow futures were up again this morning. Joining me now to discuss the top business headlines at this hour -- Aaron task editor in chief of Yahoo! finance where he also host the daily -- good morning Aaron. Good morning -- big day for apple pick up of the -- 5 begin this morning demand for the phones in stronger than ever but the chances going to drive the stock's price higher. Well it's incredible we're seeing immersing people lined up at stores around the world to buy the iPhone 5. There's expectations they can sell. Fifty million or more phones between now and in new year which is just astounding. For any electronic device whether can move the stock is a -- -- in question is obviously the stock has run a long way in anticipation. Of the iPhone 5 but if if apple keeps. Do any kind of sales numbers that looks like they're gonna do I think the stock is gonna continue to go higher. OK now there have been complaints from reviewers about Apple's new Mac app which replaces Google Maps of the deal assess. Is -- it's -- really big deal because I think it's the first time where apple is saying. What's best for apple as a corporation as opposed to what's best for Apple's users in the people who actually are buying its products that as -- definitely. It's a change of direction for apple there clearly being in competition with Google. On the Smartphone platform and so they don't want. Google Maps on the phone anymore and maps is sort of the gateway to local advertising which is a big. Money maker at least the phone makers and carriers expect it will be down the road so apple wants to own that too but if your product is and is pitted. And it upsets your consumers that's not a good thing. The pilot speaking -- a change of direction there was a lot of concern -- Tim Cook took the reins of the company from Steve Jobs. How would you grade him so far and how has he changed it. I give them a solid B plus maybe an -- minus a -- obviously he had some huge shoes to fill Steve Jobs. You know. Once in a generation -- -- -- lucky we have somebody like Steve -- that Tim Cook wasn't going to be the next Steve Jobs he knew that. The cut the stock is done phenomenally well since he's become the CEO. Obviously iPhone 5 launch is gone extraordinarily well. They've done they've done things that Steve Jobs wouldn't have done like pay a dividend. I think something like putting out the the map product that isn't as good as the old product. I think that the first round of Syria there are some flaws -- that those are things that. If history tells us anything -- Steve Jobs wouldn't have done he was famous for stopping products from going out unless they're absolutely perfect. And so Tim Cook you seem to be taking a little bit of a different -- say you know it is not maybe not a 100% perfect but we're -- -- put it out anyway. Democrats have another big story out this morning Wal-Mart is going to stop -- Amazon's Kindle why are they doing that. Again two huge companies that are increasing competition with each other -- mean Amazon last year they launched an -- where you could go to. To any store Wal-Mart or target and -- -- a price comparison -- -- as they call it and Wal-Mart and other big retailers like target don't like that so there's things that we why should we help -- Amazon. By putting their Kindle on our shelves and -- in just in general. You know Amazon is becoming increasingly. -- major competitor for Wal-Mart and all other brick and mortar retailers and so. I think you're saying why should we help these guys in that -- it's basically comes down to you. -- -- my face bucket says it has found a way to make money off a light button. This get a big revenue generator -- the company needs. Well this would be a big -- if they can figure it out I mean people looked -- the like button I think. Somewhat tongue in cheek they should also put -- who cares but -- there that the -- -- posting your friends do about what they had for lunch or with a cat is doing. Com but anything that FaceBook -- do to make money right now it is going to be a big deal because they clearly they have huge. Amount of eyeballs they just have forget how to monetize -- All right let's take one more look at -- -- or we -- this morning and we look like we're strain off day in positive to airport territory it's up about 47 points. -- task from Yahoo! finance thanks so much for joining us. Thank you.

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{"id":17290643,"title":"Apple's iPhone Map App Mess, Walmart Shelves The Kindle","duration":"3:00","description":"Aaron Task analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/apples-iphone-map-app-mess-walmart-shelves-kindle-17290643","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}