How an Arizona brewery owner is keeping his business afloat

Dylan Demiguel, co-founder of the Shop Beer Company, discussed how he pivoted his business to stay afloat amid the pandemic.
3:49 | 06/22/20

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Transcript for How an Arizona brewery owner is keeping his business afloat
begin opening back up, one Arizona brewery had to close its doors again and restrategize when covid-19 rates started rising and an employee tested positive. Here to talk about his new normal is the shop beer company owner, Dylan demiguel. Welcome, Dylan, tell us about what happened when it started to open its doors back up. Walk us through it. You know, here in Arizona, we were given the green light to open back up with some guidelines here on may 15th. You know, we decided to slow roll it, keep a grab-and-go option, very minimal contact for our employees, but on may 30th we decided to open up our patio, not let anybody inside, but open up our patio and see how that goes. And then on may 31st here, governor Ducey put in a curfew from about 8:00 P.M., so we had to -- we kind of thought in the best interest of our staff and community that we'd go back to our grab-and-go model for that next week and then during that time, one of our staff members tested positive for covid-19. So then, how did you pivot your business so you could stay afloat during this time? You know, for us it was really interesting. So about 98% of our revenue as a business was made on draft sales, so people actually going to a bar or a restaurant ordering a draft beer, whether that was at our own tasting room here or somewhere else, so what we did, we worked very closely with our distributor here in Arizona and transitioned all of our liquid into cans, and tried to put it on the shelves at grocery stores. And I'm just curious, what you feel like your community, has it be supportive of your small business, what do you want to say about their support of you during this time? You know, our community has been nothing short of spectacular for us. From regulars here, all the way to like our distributor at Hensley beverage, to other bottle shops here locally, our community has just been stellar, I mean, they've really come through in the clutch for us and really kept our business alive through this time. I'm sure so many of them very eager to come back in for a beer, do you know when that will be, when that will happen? You know, right now with cases rising as they are here in Arizona, it's hard to know, to be honest, I don't know if there's going to be a perfect time to open or it will be abundantly clear, but the hope is, if cases start to fall off, at that time we'll start to reconsider opening up. But at the time we're open for grab and go and try to keep our staff and community safe and hopefully slow the spread. And Dylan, speaking of your staff, how is your employee doing who contracted covid-19? They're doing good. They're doing good. Definitely on a good path to recovery, they never needed to go to the hospital. They were able to recover at home. That was very encouraging to see the employee have to face that challenge, they come through on the other side, which is blessing. We're glad to hear that as well. We're wishing you the very best. Thank you so much for joining us this afternoon, Dylan. By the way, before you go, you and your wife welcomed your first baby last month, so congratulations as well. Thank you. Thank you. Appreciate that. All right, still ahead here on "What you need to know" -- the secrets to better snacking.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Dylan Demiguel, co-founder of the Shop Beer Company, discussed how he pivoted his business to stay afloat amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"71385031","title":"How an Arizona brewery owner is keeping his business afloat","url":"/Business/video/arizona-brewery-owner-keeping-business-afloat-71385031"}