Bellabeat: Don't Miss a Beat of Your Unborn Baby

New app lets you monitor the heartbeat of the baby in your belly.
3:00 | 03/27/14

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Transcript for Bellabeat: Don't Miss a Beat of Your Unborn Baby
Woburn -- clutter to a new app that says it can help you track your baby's heartbeat while it's stealing your -- It's called -- beaten it -- -- your record and share their baby's heartbeat. Using just -- handheld device Smartphone. And is it safe that's our question I have so many of them here -- explain at all. It airs at pierce and she is co-founder of -- -- is joining us on Skype thank you so much for joining us there's. Thank you are inviting me in terms of what this device does how does it work. So it's a small device connected -- years Smartphone that enables you to hear -- -- -- And then within the -- you can see they've been through -- nation of the Harvey and -- and -- -- -- You can recorded and then -- doing your loved ones family your friends how is that -- on the market and our people actually buy. So we launched first in Europe in Germany. In the empire and then -- lines in this space a month ago and we have. Gained huge traction so far we sold nearly 8000 devices. 8000 devices. It and -- I wonder is somebody who -- -- number of my friends have gone -- pregnancy it's it's definitely a time where your very worried about your health and the health of your child. How -- it does this play into may be giving some people a false sense of security or even anxiety. Over the health of their top -- The so. Lot of our customers. Had previous bad experience with pregnancy though they're answering a new one with a lot of anxiety. So real quick figured that listening to their -- -- -- it's something that brings. A little bit of peace of mind especially in the beginning about pregnancy when they kind when they -- -- there and baby moving yet. But we're trying to keep them also how to check other kings in pregnancy. Through -- -- like fetal movement which is also an important sign up babies -- -- he. Pregnancy weight gain. And prenatal calendar I would predict -- and -- -- -- so they know what's going on. In prenatal care. -- think -- development week by week with illustrations. I'm so we're just trying to build the whole -- -- platform. Our -- it -- so that we teach women how to -- the themselves during pregnancy. Why that is important and what beings to check. And how -- selling this sport right. It's -- or a 129. Dollars a 129 dollars. And in terms of your margins how are you doing -- you are you spending more money than you're taking in right now are you hoping this becomes huge enough so that you can scale it up. So so -- we are and it really small company did since I got. But I think we we we we're getting enough to build the platform -- well. And the software to provide well -- -- software. And algorithms. Within their ad just to provide. A premium on quality product what. Guidelines how locked in for example can a person -- was this during a day and is there any issue. For example with those electronics so close to your unborn child. So we will -- way to really -- we've developed product that they're safe for you and or your child. So you can use the device. I'm every day. And we provide debt debt at displayed on airplay can own so that your phone dozen. And -- any signals. Well it's really fascinating. -- -- is the company -- -- thanks so much for joining us very early in the morning from San Francisco. Thank you so much ask questions.

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{"id":23083897,"title":"Bellabeat: Don't Miss a Beat of Your Unborn Baby ","duration":"3:00","description":"New app lets you monitor the heartbeat of the baby in your belly.","url":"/Business/video/baby-hear-monitor-app-bellabeat-miss-beat-unborn-23083897","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}