Babysit Chickens to Pay Your Bills

Linda Walker pays the bills by looking after chickens for her clients in Portland, Oregon.
1:30 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Babysit Chickens to Pay Your Bills
It should feel that you kind of want to battle that if you can catch -- chicken you're resonate jumps to the top of the pile. Perfect for someone like Linda walker actually a new job. Now the -- Automator right there. And -- -- this experience and I was just like you know. I I I've heard people saying they need this help. Even a career counselor couldn't have when he. -- immediately job and a couple who -- these 200 -- to north Portland. -- -- -- It discovered there's a whole market for people who want to take a -- and -- and they just don't have any -- they -- you look after their -- yeah they do especially you know. When -- Carol I mean your neighbors don't you know they can feed your dog but they don't generally know too much about chickens. Will be -- The working conditions can be best. The roosters usually -- to our. Clients can be difficult. They do have individual personalities so we're nicer than others so we're very curious and summertime in audience but at least they all like to eat. Sometimes when the chickens have been behaving. Which are considered gives them this which is better than the worms your -- alfalfa and raisins called -- -- -- -- -- -- The difference. In looking after all -- or not insist. They don't own identity. --

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{"id":18651223,"title":"Babysit Chickens to Pay Your Bills","duration":"1:30","description":"Linda Walker pays the bills by looking after chickens for her clients in Portland, Oregon.","url":"/Business/video/babysit-chickens-pay-bills-18651223","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}