Back-to-school gear for teens

Editor-in-Chief of Pop Insider, Ali Mierzejewski shares the hottest back-to-school essentials.
3:14 | 08/05/19

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Transcript for Back-to-school gear for teens
The Phillies who matches that kids may not want to hear parents we're and lock in because back to school season is fast approaching but helping to take a bit in this staying out of saying the by the summer are those fun it back to school gadgets pop insider at guaranteed Alley or just he is here. What this year's hottest. Geeky key or good morning Alley in the morning thank you for having the F thanks to begin here so we'll start with the back to school essentials that in fact I greatly backpacks or from lounge flies become an all kinds of different properties the Irene I have the X-Men one which is super and also the Harry Potter one which is debt limit has all these fun passes and pins on it yet. So kids can show off thinking gees but what they're back at and it. Next up we have planners and notebooks from insects addition they come in different properties like hand maid's tale of the mean girls berm but I am I didn't didn't fit into my personal favorite there's game of browns and also and bigger ones like this Harry Potter plan and that is. Full page plan and I think it's stick around so they can have. All of their favorite characters along with and the burn but has no secrets in the not yet yeah. Didn't. Next up we have water bottles and Tumblr is which I really really you know important for canceling. But here we have to Harry Potter ones and also the friends' central part yen because central perk Tom DeLay excuse me. And these are from Pallet down so they come and all different kinds of superheroes and things like that the has some of my favorites for this air about it and you know. Of course C a fresh new look when your back physical I see that make. This is the sponge Bob hip dot makeup collects and okay so it all comes packed inside this big box that's got eye shadow pallets and blush lip gloss and she passes while we character totally relaxed and fast for your first day back at school ended it looks funny not a sponge Bob August 9 birthday as the Sears doesn't make and a reason he can't yeah. Okay who's helping celebrates fund does birthday and also helping us look great yet to hit the school also spaces that these I have. And then of course you need new pair kicks playing an active look these are the and that appears you're chasing held onto my dad's day when you gotta catch in my love that these have a decal on the outside but the inside also has really see how well it does he gives details on the inside do you really fun kind of like a hidden Easter egg against. And then you gotta stay charged plugging at school all day so these are power packs but they are shaped like retro Nintendo. Game so it's not Mario Brothers old controller also Zelda. And so these are from the men men named co accredited. And they you just plugging your phone your charge and they can turn your phone all day singing everybody in Everett it's so make sure that kids the state charge you just plug that into the wall to get the charge you and then you beating charge this up in the new plug your phone right into the pat. It's a battery pack a megaphone right outta here no power your phone to that and you're good to go and this is perfect for the kids as they're heading back to school clearly every all of this can just and a backpack all they can fit inside a backpack and their six candidates got the talent thank you so much for more and the is and other back to school. He he gear check out the pop insider dot com or our own website Debian and fans dot com pop insider editor in chief. And I were dusty thank you so much for joining us for bringing us all of that meeting here yeah.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"Editor-in-Chief of Pop Insider, Ali Mierzejewski shares the hottest back-to-school essentials. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"64777768","title":"Back-to-school gear for teens","url":"/Business/video/back-school-gear-teens-64777768"}