Back-To-School Toys and Gear

Laurie Schacht shares her affordable favorites.
3:00 | 08/24/12

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Transcript for Back-To-School Toys and Gear
Where did summer ago before you know -- the kids are going to be back in school you probably already done some of -- Back to school shopping clothes school supplies what about educational toys though. Get the learning started at home as well as in the classroom what here -- an affordable favorites -- friend -- -- the toy insider mom -- thanks for being with us today. I mean you. Are gone put away the water guns. -- -- -- -- already had gone north. I would have forced her -- it was mostly they -- story educational toys and portable -- and -- -- little wanted to -- developing some of those basic skills might motor skills eye hand coordination. We -- do with this great puzzle what puzzle and nice chunky pieces -- little against the colts animals. And also little cost and effects that we build the front lifts aren't planning and open -- -- -- -- if he's he's not just in you we'll see that you can turn this puzzle to white -- is all -- useful to help. When it's when it's -- went and we think that that I've graduated to the -- -- -- -- Terry Glenn and what's right and it did about 2999 and -- -- have to go back after all right now that touch is still intuit if you don't know -- it's amazing to throw like an -- and from the child and they know they just noted times in -- can't touch it it's confusing to them -- that this is not. -- -- -- -- -- And today have a learning yeah without learning letters and words and families -- games music. -- an invitation. And you can go and play music -- this and I see it happen but -- get the learning a little bit of fun out there as well a way to operate everywhere and it's for that's cool and that and -- -- -- -- as well great price and this is 24 and 99 Erica okay so we know there's lots of great educational. Apps out there I love -- it's brain it's just coming out and is wonderful interactive story -- And you might recognize it because years ago it was living books on our first computers running -- now indelible. -- like this and I'm certain. On android device OK so what we have here is asap tortoise in the half -- music great -- everything attached interactive. It out here. It's gonna need to pass well and -- Read it. In the words light up as the as there weren't at their training. And in Spanish and spent you know one of my favorite things is that this is bilingual. So I love and then of course has the story to steal the interaction and the but it matters to me that's a great way to teach -- in -- language it well yeah. -- -- -- kind of demand that we look at as well so so much but for 1990 the app that's nice okay. -- we have here it hit -- So what happened is eight -- inside this beaten. Now what you're going to do you want to sequentially. Move this ball along so from 1234. Great pride in what through each of these cuts is who is living -- them again -- this. Start breakdown there right okay moving to -- a steady into detail. I hadn't talked to. -- right see it did so well time now who shouldn't that we practiced what. Poland to pertinent to continue and it -- dogs can't lots of patients very adept computer -- He said. This is Cody OK about it school accessory it's eight -- out there in a digit -- collectible. Aren't you holding -- a strand of 64. Links to each has embarked assemble and a -- When you follow the code that each one comes -- you can build something like this so this goes incident. Apple based on the east -- and little letters and numbers and I just about this just like DNA has a code that create something. Every code create something -- you don't take these apart -- take it right Britain's aren't just Bob his owner I think that that we know that miracle yet that are -- -- to somebody here had to get kids really excited. -- -- -- the wild notes as a whole line and that. Don't kids -- gonna be organizing they're gonna be doing flash cards and presentations. So what more fun -- drying on paper. Where suddenly the color is just appearing. Very -- -- -- and that this is Ridder papers it notices it's you have to by the wild notes this is -- that's Crayola. Sell it's that magic paint Aaron -- -- make it -- fine OK and and a whole line in writing and reading has let letters back and forward Rangel when the two out in class definitely this you can only a little night and there. -- right now. I love mom and I -- that's very -- thing. Probably the most important I -- That parents -- by the child in the go back to and really personal means -- that's their first real kind of personal expression and right. So what are you looking for you're looking for something that's light and has -- filled with books dexterity. You want nice padded shoulder straps. We're inside and -- you want pockets for extra accessory -- And enough that this is Munster high backpack so it's all about the teenage monsters from the monsters that all of us know about. But it's a great message has been leading an anti police campaign it's -- so important so parents will love that we already know that the girls -- that's very cool band great thing. Is I'm are called kicking here so these just go on the back straps. -- your back -- And we just tap all kinds -- -- -- -- to and that -- -- -- -- -- about it actually happened to the answer it changed my successor so back to get right to treatment with you shoot. -- Alicea right there are a brown paper bag. He spoke to loving you -- that out right now -- now but. Take this is really still -- this is -- picnic lunch gotten it opens -- -- -- this is -- so you -- Think the great -- to put all of your food -- wipe it clean keeps food cold for seven hours. Light as a fat this whole thing this folds up into this just fits right this isn't an immediately reached for -- leaving it pre -- perfect if it but it definitely Karen violence and not least. A lot for so many kids is home yet so -- tracker helps you make it home so outside this locker we have Bartlett chandelier -- all paper -- -- -- -- There's a place to hang kids headsets you can get the -- rugs and there's one it's how far he has now -- an out kits can call their locker home on believe that. It didn't really -- like that do nothing about negative that's vehicle hit all of these items over here -- -- -- what are the price points and some felt basically you know once you get from our -- you know -- 99. 1499121990. -- in the backpack. So really great price points great get kids excited about the -- former parent is preakness big sigh of relief. -- -- that amount that's what you're being -- having it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Laurie Schacht shares her affordable favorites.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"17074053","title":"Back-To-School Toys and Gear","url":"/Business/video/back-school-toys-gear-17074053"}