Be More 'Finnovative'

Tech expert Jennifer Jolly details financial and innovative services.
5:01 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Be More 'Finnovative'
Well these days it seems like there's a new innovation happening around us all the time -- out tech comes lifestyle editor Jennifer jolly is back with us. To tell about five -- services that are not -- innovative. There inundated. Meaning they combined finance and innovation -- -- Q word welcome back and let it right into these online innovations the first one is for financial. Planning and our page once was active. It goes -- once goes so far beyond financial planning -- helps you. Finally wrap your mind around exactly how much money is coming in and how much money is going out it's a simple out it's a free service you sign up. And you Lincoln account to it and it shows you how much money you know physically like the -- statement. Then it also gives you a calendar of when your bills are doomed and it lets you know if and you're running out and I I can't yeah out of money it really playing in his eighteen -- advice I have a baby sitter for your budget won't mean it's the easiest thing -- -- -- -- -- -- like use lots of other services like this this is the easiest one. For me to use and you can use it right from yourself when you can't even pay bills from your cell phone. Which is a fairly new feature I don't really like this -- page want and the next is a social networking site but it's with your neighbors. Yeah. Called. Next door yeah it is that it -- work. It's called next door. In a recent pew Internet research study shows that one in three people have no idea who lives right next door to them so you FaceBook and Twitter they've. Gotten us together with people on the other side of the world but when you don't know your neighbors you tend to spend a lot more money. There's a lot more juvenile delinquency there's a lot more dissatisfaction. With your life in general according to all of these studies. So next -- is a social network. That introduces you to the people who live around you and it's very safe from you one person asked to sign up and then invite people from the neighborhood and they check and make sure. That those people actually live in your neighborhood. By having you send the bill land where they'll send a postcard -- -- can -- -- number on the postcard to get into this network you can use it to find babysitters pet -- Plumbers do you know somebody help me -- my house in -- it's a fabulous so it's not just social it's also useful that's good that may -- you -- yeah it really is helping people use the tools of modern life. To kind of returned to be original social network which is -- your name and your community that's right OK let's go to the next one which actually rewards you. For making good financial decisions I love the sound of businesses save. -- is sick -- like winning the lottery and paying off your debts all of the same time and I accept. And it that's what it. You get rewarded for saving your money so -- can you link it to an account and then every time you do something that's financially responsible. It gives you. Three credits and with those credits you can enter to win a two million dollar. Jackpot yes Warren Le and a pre -- or candle fires you actually are entered into sort of a lottery yeah yeah make -- get financial decisions so you think he'd. For doing Smart things with your money right now there's a lot -- and that deal there isn't and you just watch -- video which teaches you how to be better at saving money. And you get those credits three credits you get to win something at least a chance to win something although. You're nobody else can when they -- because I am. Yeah I don't mean ally and a half African a lot of points okay the next animation is called a -- and it's another sort of social networking tool right now we it's strange name awesome tool. It's a -- -- people can. The C one alone for something. And you think that the bank is going to say no way we you can reach out to a group of lenders you can give them more details. I'm what it is you say you need to put in new kitchen in your restaurant you can show them the -- -- -- lay -- your planet your plan for paying them back -- add. Personality and more depth to this -- Lending and borrowing situation has so many people are -- day the next animation -- to call eBay two point hasn't -- always -- Hartley. And it's its location based e-commerce. Really so you bite what you need. You sell what you have to people who live around you again -- the service you sign up for. And then you say I -- -- bicycle in I have friends coming in town I'm willing to spend fifty dollars on it. In the here's what I want here's how much I'm willing to pay and here's even half aren't willing to Troutman and then people right back -- -- Got it it's gonna cost you this much -- deliver -- and you can you can bid for services. Like. And I'll come and paint your fence for this amount of money for goods like a new fence right. -- a couple of these sites come up but these are all really interesting Jennifer jolly time lifestyle editor for attack and dot com has caused great to see great ideas thank you think you.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Tech expert Jennifer Jolly details financial and innovative services.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15645215","title":"Be More 'Finnovative'","url":"/Business/video/be-more-finnovative-15645215"}