How to Beat Hotel Fees

Learn industry secrets from Travelzoo's Gabe Saglie.
7:14 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for How to Beat Hotel Fees
We've all come to expect airline fees and we hop on a light but now Warren Juarez are getting slapped with additional charges after landing when we checked into -- hotel. Lodging fees are expected to hit a record at one point eight billion dollars this year up 80%. Just a decade ago. Joining us now to tell us about the five most common hotel fees and you can avoid them. Is gained as sadly gains as senior editor for -- -- the online guide to travel deals. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure thanks could be with him so -- called a resort -- that can really burn a hole in your wallet what exactly is a resort -- how can you avoid getting one. That is my favorite wanna talk about just because it's sort of the newest -- to come onto the scene. And it's sort of tough the tough to deconstruct because it bundles multiple amenities under one flat -- -- -- -- range from ten. To sixty dollars or more a night. That's tacked on to your hotel bill -- will cover things like parking access to the gym -- of the pool rental of us a tennis racquets. In some cases some of the higher and resorts it'll include things like tipping even. So if you haven't made big tipper may be paying it's sort of a contained a resort -- may be worth it. A but it tough aspect of getting some of this there's at least he's removed from your bill is that they cover so many things are even if you don't use the gym. But you do -- -- -- a tennis courts and you want this as sort of take a walk on the landscape gardens. These resort fees -- -- become very very tough to to get rid of and their two biggest thing you can do is actually make sure you know -- that there are happening before you check and when you book a hotel. And ask or do we define friends when we publish our hotel deals we put them in red bold letters if in fact exist of that of particular hotel. But again they can range from fifty to six dollars or more night and I can really fatten the ability into the -- So you can negotiate these -- what I. They can be very tough to negotiate unless you can show who you know item by item that -- me I'm not using the pool. I'm not going to be using the -- it doesn't happen every time I you know it does require of you actually talking to the person behind the desk and perhaps even the manager. But for the most part they become not tougher to get rid of because they covered so many amenities. And aspects -- hotel -- Well at least -- -- budget the -- if we know okay. -- -- you get charged by a hotel even if you don't stay there as some hotels have really costly cancellation disease is there any way. To avoid those and tell us when to expect them. You look oftentimes because it's gotten so competitive we're seeing some pretty dramatic -- out there. And oftentimes to lock in some of these great rates you've got to pay up front and some of these rates are non. Cancel -- nonrefundable you -- really know before you click that reservation button. They not locking yourself into a rate that is not refundable particularly you've got plans that could change very easily otherwise we're looking at cancellation windows of anywhere from 24. The seven into I was usually CB change your plans. A couple of days ahead you still have the option. Of calling him up and canceling your reservation -- no -- whatsoever in -- end of not showing up and all you could be charged at least in some cases. You won -- nights room rate. Obviously under certain circumstances let's say -- flight gets canceled because of a storm and you never make it to the hotel. I've actually call them from the airport say hey I'm not showing up tonight I know I'm within that you know outside -- Tony for a window. But under those kinds of circumstances I think most hotels would be willing to to work with the and and you -- voice those cancellation fees. -- that's good to keep in mind -- right you may be reading the newspaper in the morning are you may just up over the -- -- -- -- for the day he's either way it's good to know you could be getting shark's shadow it went back. Yeah a lot of hotels will actually charge -- -- and -- talk about a buck dollar 25 particularly for the weekend papers. For the the privilege of less having a papers W doorstep when you open the door in the morning. It may not be that -- like -- -- not -- like reading the Paper -- you got everything you -- and on your Smartphone so look for that fee if in fact they're charging you a newspaper -- and you don't wanna get they get it delivered at the doorstep. Make sure you tell them that when you check in that -- you avoid having to pay you know at least a dollar more for that Paper for every day you there. OK now we don't know the airlines charge for bags these days and now get charged for back at your hotel. Explaining. -- this year. Yet this is me in the little -- you have a late flight that day -- check -- and take out at noon and then you can just leave via bags of the hotel. For several hours -- -- actually have to head out to the airport and now a lot of these hotels particularly in large cities New York Chicago San Francisco. A starting to have basically -- for that real -- for that closet. Ruling that closets a store your bags sometimes it can range from one to three dollars a bag 315 some. Larger cities some a big family -- lots of bags that something they've got to budget in. Know what -- -- getting into if in fact there's a charge for your bags you may want to take the bags with yet I see it as another reason to try to travel light when you. When you hit the lovely that's that's true right -- read and heard that. Are finally it's it's tempting of course to -- the mini bars when you get in late at a hotel drinkers and -- You say don't do it right. -- certainly anyway -- sometimes that we we see these great looking but William bottles of water grade after a long day but sometimes a carrier price tag. A seven to nine dollars just a -- of -- open that -- plastic bottled water. And certainly the in the items in the east in the mini but we know they can be very expensive. But aside from the price tag there's also these there restocking fees that's in the -- -- ten to 1220 dollars just have to to restock the the mini bar once you've you've taken off. These days a lot of these mini bars are actually outfitted with sensors if you remove and I don't even if it's four. A few seconds and you put it back those sensors will still charger room for that item. So it really behooves you to check your bill very carefully special -- -- that kids like to move stuff around the mini bar. Even if you if you consume nothing you could be getting charged for some of these items because they were removed from their sensors. So check your bill very carefully. And really if you use these items whether it's a totally Terry I don't know whether or whether it's you know a snack -- bottled water. If you really really do need them otherwise fend for yourself when human needs again. Sensors for -- Eminem means places. RA -- -- making it easier for -- but it's the I think it makes it easier for them I guess it does not very luxurious hunting. Any other -- watch out floor. All given -- up early departure fees are they are becoming more prevalence -- each if you lock in reservation for four days but decide to leave like a day or two earlier. You could be charged a fee for that early departure. Also you know when you -- ordered to your room a lot of these room service charges can get pretty high there -- at this as a flat service charge. Oftentimes a tipping is already added to your bill. There's always -- -- to -- more tip that it sometimes it's worth it. But -- -- just read there was room service bills very carefully because there are some extra fees and charges already tacked on to the delivery of your meal in the room. When I am really hearing bottom line information is power game Saturday from travels in the online guide to travel deals thanks like -- Thanks.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Learn industry secrets from Travelzoo's Gabe Saglie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"14858663","title":"How to Beat Hotel Fees","url":"/Business/video/beat-hotel-fees-14858663"}