4 Beauty Products You Have to See to Believe

From pizza perfume to baby wigs, you won't believe what people are buying.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Transcript for 4 Beauty Products You Have to See to Believe
Who doesn't love beauty products well you won't believe some of the stuff that's out there ABC news travel and lifestyle editor Genevieve brown is here with some of literally. The most bizarre beauty products we have ever seen first take a look at this video. It is there. -- to -- might anyway. -- can't -- -- -- here pieces but today. -- say it looks David. You know they could see the future well here to talk about what actually has become -- beauty products to point out. Genevieve brown -- so much for being with us and having me so what do you have here this is some crazy stuff OK I don't think the first thing isn't -- high purple -- and so bizarre -- -- casino who would have thought. That bald -- for such a problem. That we actually need to create links for them than deciding where and exactly I didn't and this is -- real thing and it would cost about thirty dollars that come -- high. Totally bizarre -- -- brush my own hair but again house nationals but -- -- my kids but very happy if we're really starting pitchers this is so this is real. And their parents who are buying -- album where -- I guess but I mean they really don't want their baby girls be mistaken for being able place. So there you -- out you get -- like it's that lipstick on an away you gotta analyze either avenue and I think it may affect other. Up is this the perfume that smells like pizza yes this is pizza can now I love pizza like I love it -- -- I don't know how much how you feel I'm a fan OK but he does not peak sat nothing now OK but. It's just take a little list. The next hearing. -- -- -- -- What. Adding that it does smell it's not like pepperoni he couldn't be. To me that it's not -- inside of a pizza box and but you know there's a market for this pizza -- at your girl created a limited edition pizza -- and people like Freeney were so this company Demeter fragrances library has created -- he sent her -- she prepared to mother and -- Sushi if he wants not -- picked currency we keynote you you can think. He did rockfish -- what we -- -- -- -- perfect but it doesn't it could clean laundromat you know some other kind of -- -- place I -- it -- -- novelty -- Natalie goodbye -- a joke. Let's take a look at this commercial. Feel fresh and -- with fresh -- and you'll be doing -- -- -- -- dance. Order your true today as -- -- dot com. Is it really what it sounds like it is when it sounds like it is a product for the guys to -- this company called fresh body. Is making a product called. -- balls because according to their web -- every guy suffers from wetness and -- -- in their parts I did not know that's. But apparently it's trail and here's the product. That they're going to use two -- to combat that issue doesn't apparently he's -- -- prosecution. Sweating problem role in your past Kelly what does -- smell like X does have a snack which is it and I think that's kind of the point. Last I love this product because everybody is -- to grammys and putting -- -- out there whenever. And here's a product that's as you can look like and it's different picture in real -- -- -- I wish I wish I could look like ideal audience to -- which we show up eggs which it Easter grip coloring do you wanna look I like I'm or how and that's one that you he's been using new product called are by the -- -- have basically it. Does that contrast -- some eyebrows. Makes it look a little bit more dramatic this is the other product out of this one is -- -- -- -- -- basically gives you a shimmering Hugh. I'm really bumps up the -- crying -- she you can tell that it's got -- we've seen Q and gas and Oracle -- China apple T could see the before and after picture you tell me what you think I mean honestly can't get a better patents to -- to be honest -- yeah I love it. You definitely at which which the after picture which which -- to grant coloring is that that isn't just with the make up without actually mr. grant wanted to see how it felt better now. A lab you know I think I don't look phenomenal underlings we let me take you so much crazy crazy things -- It is and by the way anyone will buy anything I think that's that's at the end of today if you you're told that you're gonna look battery gonna feel better whenever. We're gonna spend money on it that's -- even pizza perfume. -- of perfume I can't get bored with the great enemy -- they can't.

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{"id":22601683,"title":"4 Beauty Products You Have to See to Believe","duration":"3:00","description":"From pizza perfume to baby wigs, you won't believe what people are buying.","url":"/Business/video/beauty-products-22601683","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}