4 Best Credit Cards To Save You Big Bucks on Travel

Janet Guyon Editor for TheStreet.com discusses summer travel turmoil & what you need to know to save on your next trip.
2:52 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for 4 Best Credit Cards To Save You Big Bucks on Travel
It is a tumultuous summer for travel airlines have canceled flights from Ukraine to Israel. And a new survey just released by thestreet.com shows that 36% of Americans are afraid to fly that is more than a third of our country. So before you pack your bags -- listen up. From that and more I wanna bring in the editor in chief of thestreet.com energetic guy and so nice to have you with us Janet some -- -- you so. We have now seen a number of flights canceled. They get canceled all the time but now recently as a result of Ukraine as a result of instability in the Middle East we've now seen flight cancellations. And this this startled beat out the 36% of Americans saying they don't wanna travel by their main reactors experts. Americans say they are afraid to fly internationally and is actually greater on the East Coast verses the West Coast so. On the west -- -- and the East Coast you know more than 40% of people say they don't want to fly internationally where on the West Coast. It's in the 20% 20/20 5%. And women more than men so 42%. Of women according to our survey don't want to fly internationally 27% of men. An older people more than him for people what do you think is the reason for that -- well a lot of it is is you know men tend to be you know. More adventurous than women anyways we intend to be more afraid I think the East Coast West Coast thing which is really interesting isn't -- -- -- the East Coast is a little bit more aware. Of all the conflicts going on in Europe the Middle East so they can be little bit you know seems like closer to them. And there's also issues though this summer with dry. Well if -- don't want to fly you know you want to save money. You should dry you know it's a lot cheap freedom to kick and hit a family you don't have to spend as much money and ticket prices. But the thing about driving is that when people plan their trip. About 95% of people actually overspend whatever their budget -- because as you're driving along the road you inevitably come upon something that you end up spending money -- stuck to shot -- the kids -- in the backseat they -- -- -- at their favorite restaurant may be -- sandwiches say well we won't -- those Williams stopped at triple that you're -- thick -- I would be the what to stuff which I don't like. In terms that are planning a good summer vacation and staying within budget what's your recommendation well there are number -- you know apps you can use gas -- -- -- -- called -- but it it will help you save money on fantastic prices. And then there are a number of reward cards so there's a couple of reward cards for gasoline in particular that gave you three or 4% that. Both American Express of something called blue cash and visa has card called Penn said. Which also gives you about 34% -- and your kind your gas purchases at two -- the American Express blue cash blue cash that's right and the visa and -- these at -- sent. And that is when it's -- thank you so much change thank you -- -- appreciate you joining us from the street that -- grade.

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{"id":25039381,"title":"4 Best Credit Cards To Save You Big Bucks on Travel","duration":"2:52","description":"Janet Guyon Editor for TheStreet.com discusses summer travel turmoil & what you need to know to save on your next trip.","url":"/Business/video/best-credit-cards-save-big-bucks-travel-25039381","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}