'The Big Number': 667,000 Viewers Say 'Yes' to WWE Network

With a $10 monthly fee, the wrestling network hopes to reach 1 million subscribers this year.
3:00 | 04/08/14

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Transcript for 'The Big Number': 667,000 Viewers Say 'Yes' to WWE Network
Okay. It's Tuesday April 8 the markets are open in new York and today's big number 667000. That's the number of wrestling fans -- us dollar 99 cents per month WWE network. A big number but Wall Street won -- more hi everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York for more on the economics of it all. I want to bring in Mike -- -- from Yahoo! finance Mike first of all are you a huge wrestling fan and did you sign up. I'm actually not really wrestling fan I go back to my job in the eighties and I paid some attention and I also don't have sons and daughters so. Really no exposure to it so I'm not a customer either. For the people who Wear suits for the WW promised a million subscribers. -- but Wall Street did not like these numbers. Regularly passes -- -- -- is sending their goal for this year ultimately as a million subscribers it's only been out there available since February 24 and they got 667000. As you mentioned. Out of the gate which is a pretty good number but I think what that Wall Street is focused on -- a handful of things one. WWE shares had more than tripled since September so clearly there was a lot of enthusiasm behind this cleaning up into wrestle mania. They're being signature pay per view event which happened on Sunday and -- was a little bit of a sell on the news event. There's also some concern about cannibalization I mean obviously. -- this streaming service is going to do. Customers access to their big. Signature events which get pay per view revenue so there might be some worry that it's gonna cut into that business and also I feel like. You know investors are wondering just how big the market is an avid wrestling fans for a ten dollar -- month service which is not trivial -- me think about it cost more than Netflix. Which you know gives you this massive array of entertainment options I do think they're all gave Wall Street -- the idea that may be. This is not really much of an unlimited growth story down -- Certainly there are a lot of fans the wrestling maybe they staged entertaining but we're talking about real money here and WWE has made founder Vince McMahon. A billionaire over the years right absolutely I mean he really. Essentially invented the industry obviously there was always. Kind of small stakes wrestling matches in your hats and TV presence but he created a brand he actually has this completely you know vertically generated. Integrated league so to speak. Talent development and all the rest of it and he's obviously big controversy over the years to -- mean there's a lot of concern you know in some circles about you know the health of their. Of their competitors as lot of lawsuits related to that and actually. His wife when she was running for public office had to kind of absorb some of that criticism. But nonetheless it's been a tremendous success it really is considered to be. One of the more successful media companies develop in the last couple of decades and certainly it's been around for awhile it's here to stay you mention though that there's concern that there may not be enough growth. What does the future for the WWE and its streaming service. Yet that is the real concern exactly how much can you get people to pay for -- is really what you're doing is capturing a very specific demographic often at a very specific time. You know in their life it's not necessarily like there's an enormous crop of lifelong. You know wrestling fans that are coming along all the time. But I do think what's interesting is that WW has kind of defied a lot of those doubters over the years people thought it was a very. -- sort of -- and status in the eighties and then again in the ninety's and keeps seeming to come back so I don't necessarily think it can grow much beyond. What it is right now. But I do think it's it's generally a worldwide product. And unless they really do get hit with some kind of crippling you know lawsuits or some kind of regulatory action related. To long term health concerns. Some of their employee competitors. That I do you think you know it's a very sustainable business for a while also we also don't know kind of ultimately after the -- -- -- no longer running the company how might be handled. Well we'll have to see how investors and viewers and wrestle with all of that had to do it my -- LA from Yahoo! finance thanks for joining us. You of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on abcnews.com. You've been watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23237532,"title":"'The Big Number': 667,000 Viewers Say 'Yes' to WWE Network","duration":"3:00","description":"With a $10 monthly fee, the wrestling network hopes to reach 1 million subscribers this year.","url":"/Business/video/big-number-667000-viewers-wwe-network-23237532","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}