The Big Number: Toyota Recalls More Than 6 Million Cars Worldwide

Recall involves 5 seemingly unrelated engineering problems for several years of Toyota vehicles.
4:14 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for The Big Number: Toyota Recalls More Than 6 Million Cars Worldwide
Okay. It's Wednesday April 9 the markets are open in new York at today's big number six point 39. Million that. Is how many vehicles Toyota is -- -- worldwide for five serious defects 2.3 million of them. Right here in United States everyone I'm Dan -- New -- -- for more on this and what's next for the giant Japanese auto -- wanna bring -- -- centrally from Yahoo! finance. Mike a big number indeed what are the details of this recall. Well what's interesting about this recall is that it's for a variety of seemingly on related engineering problems that -- infected. Multiple years of Toyota vehicles and some of them actually might sound minor to cable here it's a steering Scott column bracket there. And -- -- Terry -- says that they know of no particular accidents or fatalities related to a but it does show you know in their kind of inquiry. In terms of manufacturing defects they've all come together at this point. And they've kind of dumped a bunch of these out on the big global kind of consumer base all -- And we're looking at this this is -- into the recalls affecting April 2004 through 2013. Models. -- for corolla matrix five transient is the -- the Highlander I mean it's really a wide Specter as you pointed out of this Toyota did in fact issued this statement. Apologizing pointing out that it is not aware of any crashes or injuries caused but the problems. Regardless though of that -- when you start looking at six point 39. Million vehicles. That's an awfully big PR night. -- Well it is a PR nightmare and I think that Toyota wanted to get it all out there in one day and that's why they're doing it this way. What's interesting to me though is just the broader issue of of recalls. They kind of sound scary customers definitely don't like to hear it it's at least a nuisance and maybe worse than that. But I do think we're seeing is manufacturers are more willing to actually put out recalls for these relatively minor things and they end up not really being a big deal in the life of a car -- You know it's kind of like the next time you go -- for service the dealers gonna say oh by the way this is under Rico we're gonna do something about this so even as they become more numerous. The recalls are not seeming like. You know there this desperate urgent thing you have to deal with so I kind of wonder about the psychology of it a little bit. From a customer's perspective and whether over the long term this particular kind of wave of recalls sticks to the brands that at all. Well and I was actually gonna ask you about that -- had to to -- cross brand as well General Motors obviously going through its own problems with recalls. Could this potentially have been a proactive step. In a sense proactive and in a sense economy after the fact -- because of course we all know -- just. Kind of paid out a huge settlement for a much more serious seeming wave of our problems in -- and other generation of vehicles that actually did seem to. He related this and accidents and cause sudden acceleration that's something that obviously turner doesn't want to repeat -- -- you might as well at least give the appearance of seeming like you're getting out in front. Of a problem like this and I think that's probably going to be. The mode when it comes to a lot of these big car companies you might as well just kind of get that get a kind of get the bad news out there hope it's the bad news is not as bad as -- it initially seen. -- it was a pretty subtle talk about another big number for the day that was one point two billion dollars it was a settlement with the Justice Department about the sudden acceleration problems that they were having with Sony's Toyota's. In -- 2012 Twitter were called seven point four million vehicles worldwide for other issues so is that I guess the question is how -- -- Wall Street is gonna react to this kind of of movement again whether be proactive or or or -- -- you know. Reactionary measure. The early indications just today was at Toyota stock was going to be down a couple of percent. You know just been in US trading. Which is obviously -- negative response but not a dramatic wanna do you feel as if you know investors of kind of gotten used to the fact that this is part of you know normal run of business for these companies and unless they really feel as if it's -- -- in bantam and impact the brain is gonna basically. Dan future years sales which really to date hasn't has intentionally done that I don't think it's going to be a big -- -- we'll have to wait and see how that's gonna and a much Angela from Yahoo! finance. Mike thanks so much appreciated six point 39 big number today -- -- latest headlines right here on You've been watching the big number. And down Cutler -- New York.

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{"id":23254099,"title":"The Big Number: Toyota Recalls More Than 6 Million Cars Worldwide","duration":"4:14","description":"Recall involves 5 seemingly unrelated engineering problems for several years of Toyota vehicles.","url":"/Business/video/big-number-toyota-recalls-million-cars-worldwide-23254099","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}