3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your Startup's Website

Squarespace CEO reveals 3 things every business should know to create your online presence.
5:43 | 08/19/14

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Transcript for 3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your Startup's Website
When you're starting your business building a website is key but that's also easier said than done. So what are three things every onto for doors online presence should -- here to reveal the biggest mistakes that -- making probably with that web site. Is Anthony Catalina he is founder of Squarespace. He created -- do it yourself web site after being frustrated with complex web designs. That were available on the market it's -- nice to have you with us Anthony Berger thanks for having me and I was saying to you earlier I mean we met many years ago wouldn't -- Basically originally getting started and this company Squarespace is just completely blown -- Yeah it's really grown up where about 350 people now in downtown Manhattan. An office in Ireland's office starting up in Portland so -- -- come a long way. And you are helping people develop their web presence -- website and you originally came up with this idea as so many entrepreneurs do because there just wasn't a good option. I was initially billing it for myself I was very frustrated with what was out there I didn't like that. You know that there was no all in one solution I didn't like the designs out there were very kind of sloppily put together and so Squarespace was originally -- -- -- so I can make a -- myself. And Squarespace had -- had at the Super Bowl at united I think myrtle during the regular Wilson Preval my. When the smallest advertisers ever -- believe it how did you make that choice to do that because they think there's other startups. Yeah probably out their organs can -- -- -- -- evidently Kennedy everybody it. It -- -- his advertising either -- -- and -- we're saying to me that you do feel like it paid -- because it is generally how much money if that's -- millions of dollars. All said and done with everything every you know it's it's it's gonna cost you. Upper single digit millions -- more for the production and everything else he need to put into it. You know we found it to be successful. Where where where to -- missionary phase where. Our product is very very advance it's got great market adoption and conservative. We're we're one of the best things that a lot of people haven't heard about and so after the success of some early television advertising -- -- enough comfort internally to say. -- let's take a little bit of a risk here and and into a bigger message. And in terms of that mass action to launch the doors people who are starting their way to -- What do you think -- the three biggest mistakes people are making with their web sites. Yet so I can get. I can summarize -- industry that are that are pretty important. -- to the the first one is sort of that. Packaging matters you know it's not just enough to you have a website on line and that he and you've taken that stat that really matters that. The site represents you and that it looks good that your messages coming -- very clearly. I mean that was one of the problems I face when I was starting Squarespace and I felt like. You know what was out -- didn't represent my identity well this is how most people are gonna judge you are gonna you know use Google they're gonna find you -- another profile service something like that but. You at a party at any time they go back to -- jet hit their exact web site that looks like it's from 1983. You military get -- -- -- -- except for us up to design -- the presentation is absolutely critical. I think the second mistake we see a lot is that people aren't. People are -- -- they're not -- that they're not. They're not -- in a communications and a website you know they've got. Twenty different links twenty different pages twenty different sections -- -- -- -- and so I think the more effective sites out there right now especially. Because a lot of -- being -- -- mobile devices is to really get to the point and be. Sort of -- -- their content and realized that it's your job to summarize your message that people can digested a very fast -- And how about in terms of interactivity on the web -- how important you think that is. For a company that may or may not want to interact with a lot of people via the web site. Yeah I think. You know in terms of the content that -- putting on a big big beautiful images video content and things like that are always gonna help kind get your story across. So -- -- were big fans -- rich media. If you had to name and I I realize I'm putting you on the spot yet. A couple of web sites that you think their companies that are doing it really well so that there are people out there that are trying to look for an example yeah would you say. So it's actually kind of the entire. Way we present our our templates on Squarespace -- we actually got through. Tens of thousands of sites in cure rated down and he look at -- one of -- -- there's like tons of customer examples using that temple to look nothing like the template that. Are just fantastic examples of great sites. Also in our in our customers -- you've got. -- -- like Michael -- taken -- using using Squarespace it to build really beautiful -- actually. I love this anything with big media and and rich imagery is great. Your story. Is one of perseverance and you've made it stereo which Turkey wants it -- -- hurricane Sandia you literally mean a lot of people think the start of a lot of brains -- -- had just a lot of tenacity I did you really in hurricane sandy just yeah quickly kind of yeah that's that. RA as crazy I sadly don't like three limit Larry I think it's -- case. Yet we we had a data center and downtown Manhattan that was in a flood zone. And we have multiple data centers on -- now so we would not be doing this not today but when you're smaller you can't you know football -- -- And during hurricane we -- replacing -- more fuel tanks were flooded and to keep it is an online we actually carried fuel up seventeen flights of stairs. -- 220 people -- it was set up from the company he was sort of Monica. And isn't continuously for hours on certain days for three days and and it worked and it didn't get a cent to -- -- apparently thinks that they had to overcome a lot of I think Squarespace Cindy Anthony story thank you so much Anthony for coming -- best wishes with everything congratulations thank you so much.

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{"id":25039291,"title":"3 Biggest Mistakes You're Making With Your Startup's Website","duration":"5:43","description":"Squarespace CEO reveals 3 things every business should know to create your online presence.","url":"/Business/video/biggest-mistakes-making-startups-website-25039291","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}