Black Friday Savings: Secrets for the Holiday Season

How to score the best shopping bargains on black Friday and beyond.
2:45 | 11/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Friday Savings: Secrets for the Holiday Season
First the feast and then of behind the mad dash for bargains is on often times before the Thanksgiving table. Leaving gets cleared so -- were some advice and outscored the best deals. As money saving expert Andrea -- -- -- I think three with the batting because obviously Black Friday is the -- that everyone's been pushing towards the you're saying whoa. Avoid the crowds don't go. Yes so if you were thinking about going you should actually stay at home you can shop on line 70% of those door busters will be available online seeking to shop from the comfort of home. Oranges -- it altogether. Some news reports find the best deals abound later in the season right before Christmas the week before starting on free shipping day in fact. Now the other thing that -- -- matches I was a lot of the Ortega to Smartphones with MS are going Black Friday shopping or any other time during the holiday season. But you -- -- -- to actually say some money to right. So they're different apps you can download coupon service free mobile -- -- apple give -- extra discounts off your Black Friday purchases. You can also use the red laser which is a price comparison -- snapped the picture of the bar code and -- showing other stores that are selling out good and how much it's going for elsewhere. OK and so you could actually bring it then into the big box -- -- -- -- -- the item take a look at it and it's gonna pop of the lists and populist bent so what can you do with that so then you can. Pass a sales associate if -- price match the competition if it's sold for last they're competing for your dollar so they'll do what ever it takes to get a lower price. So they actually will have a little bit -- yet exactly. What -- companies are putting up Andris FaceBook page and Twitter page that you should like them or follow them or whatever I mean can you get any kind of bargain discount from now. Definitely following brands on FaceBook and Twitter will get -- exclusive coupons and news about upcoming promotions and deathly want to follow them and it updates right in your news feed. So you can stay on top of that without having to do an Internet search and the best way to pay any cash is always king but I don't yet but if you have -- rewards card credit card companies like chase for example are offering extra incentives during the holiday season cardholders with him that -- ultimate rewards program will get bonus points if you shopped at -- mall. And then you can redeem rewards points for gift cards to give his guests or even experiences. It's Blake the radio sick -- rock cats so. It's a really great way to get something for all those purchases are making anyway on Black Friday -- through the holiday -- the things accumulate immediately and you have with your statement to come down you know what think they accumulate immediately but usually -- to wait for the statement to you be able to redeem them. But you may have already rack them up from the past year accidentally looked towards those to redeem them to get something from your purchases and even chase card holders can redeem their. Reward points. For purchases at So that's another unique way to use the point currently it's at your shoes and your rates at some -- wore out -- -- -- -- thanks so much -- Lehigh avenue SE --

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{"id":17780089,"title":"Black Friday Savings: Secrets for the Holiday Season","duration":"2:45","description":"How to score the best shopping bargains on black Friday and beyond.","url":"/Business/video/black-friday-savings-money-saving-secrets-holiday-season-17780089","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}