Black Friday: Top 7 Tips for Saving Big

Learn why it's important to plan ahead before U.S.'s biggest shopping day.
5:47 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Black Friday: Top 7 Tips for Saving Big
Black Friday is approaching and fast that you're looking to score deals online -- in store now -- the time to start planning. Here to help -- come up with a game plan is Randy savage from at and crew as well as savings dot com. -- Randy great to have you with us hi Tonya thanks for having me so. Some -- is it really worth getting out there and bumping elbows with all those Black Friday crowds or are you better off with your personal space in front of your computer. Well it it. -- through we are all about time it and it's time is money and we're all about efficiency and really. There are very few items that are only going to be set on sale in the stores so we really recommend that you if there's something that you really -- -- something that you need. To have in your hands that day. Call the store and see if it's gonna only be in the store an otherwise stay at home because all of those deals are going to be on -- and you can get them from. Just sitting on your couch with your computer. I love it has not my preferred -- things but great. But what -- afraid about a web site crashing let's say there's a specific thing that you really want. Kind of the -- target's website crashed recently outlet sounding stuff -- yeah Allah I again I think. Saving money is all about organizing -- -- and planning ahead if -- that there's something you really want. Call a store and see if it's only going to be there are only and that you have to be careful because some times. You go to your local target and they're not even caring what you -- and or there -- sold out in the store so don't waste your time do your homework. Make a phone call call customer service and makes sure. That it's at the store and if it's something that your if you're really afraid of the web site crashing. You know get there -- go to this store and also you know it's really going to be. Relax Thanksgiving eve because many servers are opening their doors at 10 o'clock. And this there are difference does it get that Turkey dinner down and had happened yeah. Exactly. So let's talk about it -- -- on the same page when it comes Internet shopping but a lot of people just referred to get out there. By the object they don't like shopping online only giving -- -- -- lines in any strategies for people or just more comfortable heading to the brick and mortar store. Well I guess it depends -- way you're going -- mean if you know you're going into the big box store where there's gonna be lines and crowds get there early and and you know. He ready to camp out and be careful and -- Wear your helmet back yeah say Arlene means that -- You know I really depends I mean I think it really energized you know it it. Our deal culture is kind of like the new gambling in a lot of ways -- -- -- people like it if you're willing to stand in the lines if you're willing. To bear the crowds get there early and have fun with it -- -- a little about how Thanksgiving Day is now the new black -- -- I mean how early should you planned to go out to some of these stores. Well I think you need to also depend you have to find out and and see when the stores are actually opening and you know I have never personally been one that to goes stand in line but I think if you know its stores opening at 10 o'clock on Thanksgiving. You know late. He said. Get that Turkey dinner down and get the Stanley -- -- go to camp so at this point everyone has advertised there. There hours at this point stories -- should be interested in and yet. You have very that -- and you say make a list and stick. -- -- -- this so important -- -- universal's. -- fruit steam I mean any time you go shopping I think. Like I mentioned before in this deal culture. People are going out and they think you know something's -- -- hot in there and they're spending money on it but if it's not on your list if it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Risk overspending. And going into debt and if -- Racking up credit card debt that he really didn't get a deal did you like I am such an event that's gotten a buying. And and then integrate -- issues -- -- half I -- really -- -- We all -- to this you know if you make your list of who's your. Buying a gift for me you don't know exactly what you wanna -- them yet but you -- have to know what price range you wanna spend on them. And so you can go and whether you're shopping online -- in the store. You know your target price and you know it can't be you know what you're to hate -- Latin for a new into certain that -- -- overspending you're -- going to dad and that's no way to start the new year now -- -- you have is to stack your savings can you explain how this works yes and this is something. Did you really this is an online thing so. If you know what you're store but that you're going to be shopping at target or Wal-Mart or wherever. And you know that there's going to be certain deals going on go online and go do you know your favorite bargains sites like savings dot com. And see if they have a free shipping coupon or another promotional code because. When you go to check out you can stack those savings on to. That the sale price already and save even more and this you know it also you should really get any gift cards use them now you don't want to risk them expiring and also. Obviously save more money doing that so. Good advice I've noticed the same products can be priced exactly the same at a couple different web sites but one of them will offer the free shipping so there you got yet exactly. Exactly Arnold Randy Babbitt from -- and -- plus innings dot com thank you so much eight I have.

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{"id":14934247,"title":"Black Friday: Top 7 Tips for Saving Big","duration":"5:47","description":"Learn why it's important to plan ahead before U.S.'s biggest shopping day.","url":"/Business/video/black-friday-top-tips-saving-big-14934247","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}