'Blurred Lines' Verdict Has Music Industry Singing the Blues

Jury finds Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke owe the Gaye family $7.4 million in damages.
5:00 | 03/11/15

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Transcript for 'Blurred Lines' Verdict Has Music Industry Singing the Blues
Okay. It's Wednesday march 11 markets in New York are open in the big number this morning seven point four million dollars. That's the verdict rocking the music world injury in Los Angeles finding Grammy winning artist for L Williams and singer Robin thick. Copy the Marvin Gaye song gotta give it up. When they wrote blurred lines that the o's hit song 2013 the jury found Williams a thick. They have to pay the gay famine a whopping seven point four million dollars in damages. Everyone I'm Dan Cutler in New York's here at the details now this finger on the pulse of the music scene errant pass from Yahoo! finance mr. test how Laurie this morning. Hated solicit this bit of an interesting case threatening what happened because at one point we actually had Robin thick. Brain and her piano into the courtroom and actually playing during the trial right. I mean it's it's a fascinating story because you know. All art and music especially. Artists or from other artists and they may be inspired by other artists. And there's the eye with Hitler line but it very thin line between. Being inspired by something and actually copying and violating copyright infringement and the jury found that that are off and rob that kid had violated Margaret Keyes. Copyrights in and said what we're million dollars is the biggest settlement ever for this that the case there's been a couple others. I know Michael Bolton had to pay about five million dollars for years ago for borrowing from the from the eyes that Brothers. But this is that we miss that shockwaves through the music industry. So that the big difference being mimicked dean borrowing. Copping out ride I mean that's what the jury had to really kind of decipher between. Yeah acceptable thing about like that you are rap industry was built on samplings someone else's music presumably when you sample someone else's music you you pay for that right you pay it royalties. Then there's this gray area again where something might sound similar lake I'm old enough enough here over the did remembered you know bill that analyzes isolates Beatty was huge is. Million years ago and it's on an awful Utley queen song under pressure but you know I think well there's one no difference and somehow that that was okay. And that's why this decision is so profound because the jury is basically saying lake. This is too close for comfort and you know Farrell and and and and Dick again violated. Barton rates. Margaret Marvin gays copyrights yeah it's it really is if it's fascinating case. How can have them play out in the music industry or is it really gonna see you know have a lot of you know these artists saying and maybe you might think twice about putting out bad news on well I'll what I what I think is probably happening right now is every artist is looking through their catalog to CE either a date. Key to close the line of borrowing someone else's material. And all the older artists are going through think you know what that's on did sound a lot like my nineteenth that need to hit or whatever the case may be a mean we we decide that Sam Smith. A situation with the top patties on it and Tom previously said hey it's cool. But natter when this coolest Tom Petty and the beautiful word the letting go and I think a lot of other artists older artists are gonna say Haiti's younger folks who if there. Stealing or borrowing. From my music on the go after them in this case has set a precedent that interest in what awaits him obviously it's a script recover clearly. A bigger picture market makes sellout yesterday what happened. Yeah it was picks up yesterday and it was a continuation of really what we saw on Friday we get that very strong jobs number. And that got people thing I'll you know what that that is gonna raise rates sometime fewer than later. And I think in addition to that yet the dollar rallying very sharply especially against the Euro. And that's got a lot of investors worried about what that means for US companies that compete with a European companies because a stronger dollar makes them. Less competitive when they're overseas. You think about do you keep eating it Siemens or something like that so that is got a lot of folks moved about what it means for S&P 500 earnings. And look we've had a humongous rally in I think there's there's some symbolism that apple does get to the Dow. And we just at the six year anniversary of the start of this bull market so at the time that people are stepping back at the you know it. Maybe it's not how to take some profits and see how things shake out as opposed to trying to press the bullish case here. Obviously this isn't necessarily just a blip then says they can mean these are obviously concerns that last Barbie beyond a day a year to I would think it's a blip until proven otherwise I mean even given the magnitude of the rally we've had. Even just last year forget about the last five or six years. You know you can have a 35% downturn that's that is going to be a blip even if you can see I'm long term chart of the market I'm gonna be itching to see. If that becomes the thing bigger but right now I would say it's just a little bit of profit taking people saying okay. We've had a tremendous run your for the bulls and there are some things to be legitimately concerned about let the other player I'm on what we're up to wait and see how it's gonna play out Eric after Yahoo! finance Aaron app is a fair. He cheated. If question keep up with headlines right here on abcnews.com. You know watching the big number I'm damn Cutler.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Jury finds Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke owe the Gaye family $7.4 million in damages.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"29551940","title":"'Blurred Lines' Verdict Has Music Industry Singing the Blues","url":"/Business/video/blurred-lines-verdict-music-industry-singing-blues-29551940"}