Stop Advertising To Help Your Business

Unconventional strategies for success in the digital world.
4:39 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Stop Advertising To Help Your Business
Am Tory Johnson and is where. If you want to succeed in the digital world don't advertise and don't talk to your customers yup you heard that right and it's the advice of parents appear -- -- CEO of digital marketing agency huge in new York and he's also the author of the new book users not customers. He's here to explains on his unconventional wisdom hey Aaron. -- Tory thanks for having me absolutely so the first thing you say is don't blast intrusive marketing messages because they're likely going to be ignored so hat how do we reach out. That's right. So the biggest challenge that all marketers have an Internet is that users and two users ignore banner ads think about a normal web -- you go to -- -- -- giant marketing messages lasting value. And people does -- them out. So the most effective marketers. Try to help people they try to take they try to make really helpful utilities and applications that help people's make make people's lives better. And in doing that. They communicate a marketing message think about what Google and FaceBook -- there are some of the biggest brands on the Internet they've never spent a pen and advertising you have to think along their model for doing this. -- -- -- -- as some have big shoes to fill that obsolete Lilly is all about helping people serve. People exactly it's all about helping people what we find is that the web is a human medium and if you come off as a really genuine warm company. That wants to improve the lives of people who -- -- with -- and customers who want to do business with you when you can grow your organization. All right -- to be used -- stop talking. And to your customers. We -- talking. Well the important thing is to talk to them as real people. You wanna be not just this anonymous the company that you want to be married who really cares about you really cares about your users. And that's the real focus is to be to make it genuine human -- connection. And two translate that connection is actually doing business with -- Europe with -- audience. And so -- -- about not using like. Marketing speak and brochure -- again but really just have a conversation with somebody. That's exactly what it means it's about having conversations about the -- to emails about Sweden. It's about creating that -- connection so that you're not this anonymous the company that your people your a big company with people that really KR that really want to help. And -- coming across as a real few men then people want to do business with -- on line. All right you're next -- is to. He will to throw away your technology not necessarily all of that but you've got to be willing to shake things up. Absolutely this is one of the biggest mistakes that we see companies large and small make which is they've made big investments in technology and -- they don't want to change a thing because they've spent all this money. But the smartest technology companies have this. Mentality where they're willing to throw technologies -- -- create something new and costly at a -- and improve over time. You have to think about your digital footprint -- software -- you're constantly improving again and again all in the interest of making users happy connecting with your audience. And that's also I'd say about listening and listening to what people -- paying -- they want. Absolutely so if you see that people are interacting with your website and doing a certain thing you should listen to them and -- do more of that so that people want to connect anymore. It's without being responsive and -- -- -- And it's about you say the experience giving an experience that people are going to want more up in England they're gonna wanna -- and tell other people of. Out absolutely user experience is really critical for the Internet. What I find is a really simple -- than any company can -- go to web sites that you love places like Google or Amazon. And then flip over to your website. -- if you don't feel the same kind of love and excitement of using your own website then you have a real problem because your customers won't want to interact with you in the same -- So your website should have just as much of love and caring as some of the biggest properties on the Internet. And that's that's the -- necessarily cost a lot of money it's about the attention to detail and two users and really understand what they wanna do on line. And so and you're convinced it that doesn't have to necessarily cost a lot and we don't need the the expertise that the big guys have we can still learn from that experience. Absolutely we can learn from that experience are lots of small tools that are available on line. That allow even the smallest company to look at -- -- a large organization. -- and finally you say. Put a face to your company it's not all about the little guy pretending to be the big giant. Absolutely getting back to the point that I mentioned earlier it's really about putting a human face your company. So few tweet don't tweet is a big come as a big anonymous friend -- as you an individual who's really out there to help. And by forming a personal connection on line your business can grow. All right thanks Aaron thanks so much thank you thanks for -- mostly. And you can learn so much more about aaron's ideas on digital marketing in his new it called users not customers and it's available now.

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