What Not to buy on Black Friday

CEO of Offers.com reveals best buys and what to stear clear of
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for What Not to buy on Black Friday
Half of us plan to shop on Black Friday but with so much talk about door buster sales it can really be confusing overwhelming. What is actually a good deal and what would just brought in to look like -- this cap will joining me now from Austin, Texas as the CEO -- back -- -- camper. Thanks so much for joining us -- -- thanks for having me Rebecca so what do you think what are the things people should be steering clear from on this Black Friday. Yet so I -- that the first thing would be kind of all the technology. Old electronics like dvd players GPS systems. Even really old bottles of of phones. I'm you're gonna see some great deals on those -- items avoid them completely. It -- that we're -- -- -- with Joanna stern coming up here about her favorite tech items. But I want to talk you about the deals that are coming up. What do you think people should be buying and how to get your hands on the -- Yet salute what you should be buying is is what does great deals on if you go to offers dot com you'll find great deals were were updating them all of the time. On some things -- be finding this season TV's there's going to be some great deals on TV's HC TV's big ones small ones. And -- and talents are going to be really hot this season. As well as clothing clothing -- is something that's a staple everybody wants that lots of people are looking for it especially on Cyber Monday. What tips for Black Friday how do you survive the mayhem and still get the deals and not wait around and not deal with the craps. Yet so there's a few steps that -- for people on Black Friday first is make a less to do your research right know what you're looking for. Know what you expect to -- if you're going in the store bring your research with you would be the second step. And and finally the the third would be to shop online. -- it's a lot easier to save money shopping online can do your research. You can compare prices at the same time from two different stores and you can look for coupon codes before you shop buy -- whatever you're buying. I also like that -- -- -- I don't know if you've ever tried it but it's a great -- because it tells you. If you're looking at something in -- story tells you where else it's available in what the other prices are on. Yet absolutely there's a lot of apps you can use to when -- in store. -- online as well there's lots of web sites that you can go to to find the best offers. I think -- psychology. To shopping in stores on Black Friday that kind of feels like. Maybe there's something that is overlooked that you're gonna find in the nook and cranny in that store. And there's also the element of wanting to be a part of all of the chaos and people find that to be the -- part of all. Yes absolutely it's a game for a lot of people we tell people if you are gonna go shop in storm Black Friday bring a friend with yet. Especially if you wait in line. Yet rather than going completely allowed and going crazy on your out that that's tough when you have a lot of things to potentially buy and -- -- talked about that. Not yeah absolutely. RAC shapers CEO -- that topic so much for joining us happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving we're back to thank you.

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{"id":21031503,"title":"What Not to buy on Black Friday","duration":"3:00","description":"CEO of Offers.com reveals best buys and what to stear clear of","url":"/Business/video/buy-black-friday-21031503","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}