California Pub Asks for Facebook Friendship

Finnegan's Irish Pub use social networking to create a guest list for VIP seating.
1:31 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for California Pub Asks for Facebook Friendship
-- -- Good food good people friendly. It's a really comfortable place to come similar to the cheers motto where everybody knows your name -- against Irish -- on Pacific avenue is following suit we have about 7000 names on the guest list. The climate Stockton has influenced owner Tony manner to serve up -- guest list and I agree -- 100% to weed out the gut from the Batman. It is sort of reservation system it's -- we just have. Preset -- scorers for the people like coming in support -- solemn time. The guest list is only used after 9 PM and it's a sure -- Tony could put a face to every name on the list. That's because most everyone had stranded him on Facebook's. You know -- I talked to them they haven't frequent communication -- but if you don't have a FaceBook page not to worry you're still welcome in this -- just -- in -- today and get to know the folks behind the counter over lunch this community that we're trying to build. Using things against a catalyst has been nothing but positive but not everyone thinks the guest list is a good idea Tony is receiving a lot of backlash on FaceBook. Some even going as far as to call him a racist -- I'm Indian guys sitting here tomorrow one very -- -- RA the other cool. -- wouldn't -- -- -- and welcome anybody to come down and just a look inside. And inside this Stanley business Tony is hoping to build a community stop didn't can be proud that and then we have 7000 people back home know each other -- Alfred. I'll try to help each other.

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{"id":19428491,"title":"California Pub Asks for Facebook Friendship","duration":"1:31","description":"Finnegan's Irish Pub use social networking to create a guest list for VIP seating.","url":"/Business/video/california-pub-asks-facebook-friendship-19428491","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}