Click Here If You've Been Laid Off or Fired

Dannijo CEO shares her story of how she and her sister flipped failure into success.
4:15 | 12/16/14

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Transcript for Click Here If You've Been Laid Off or Fired
From overcoming tragedy now to overcoming personal setbacks. Two sisters fired from their jobs just months apart but they managed to turn it all around turning a hot meat that they picked up in high school. Making jewelry with their dads cardiology tools. And turning it into a business now there jewelry company Danny Joseph is mega successful worn by everyone from O bred a beyoncé and Madonna. Take a look. The company unions started this week your best friend and sister. Got up to my sister are from dice monthlong. And we've been making stories user accounts and something that we always and as a hobby. We love making jewelry from a young age your dad's cardiology Clinton that's nice to start taught herself how to make do violent with his medical appointment. And then at the beginning 2008. Kind of one of the worst economic recession bar I would they've got fired from my jobs you get tired yet for the three months from China. And decided now enough and we started to any jam march 2000. Soda anybody certainly has been fired from a job or laid off or quit. What is your advice I think that our lives in service opportunity because he always wanted to try as best he gave us the confidence. You before we would've been a little scary thing to quit our jobs to start his full time. The because we got fire we were very possible to. Kind of try and do what happened in I think I've got time event early twenties he suddenly and get myself 66 months. See you read a timetable we sell our parents sometimes. It they're like. I didn't have forever and it doesn't work out that we get our thought six months to see. If we get the business out of money and literally like my eyes. I'm Bergdorf Goodman picked us up. And we really like yeah take to get. A lot of people here that it will they must have somebody you don't know anybody my sisters your lives. And she cold called Bergdorf Goodman and timing is everything and it's just a buyer picked up and sat come by for fifteen minutes to gets revised. And I felt left the door and went music compact she sobbed constantly worry about different ones from my house was on the marketplace should at 10 o'clock. And you just pushed him question I mean I am I always recommend anyone starting a business it if there are times where it gets really challenging and for me having a partner. Really helped me. At this difficult time is beginning to having some in the compliments you can push you through any obstacle on the one day you don't just about because someone else is there are telling you we can make. For somebody who is completely overwhelmed by the prospect of jewelry now how to pare jewelry with clothing earrings necklace bracelet what's your best piece of advice. We always say that on you start with something small or start with something he felt comfortable and you can always gradually got to Israel when most of the story. I think you'd be surprised because we're BT amazingly huge seem innocuous. Would you arm parties loose shots Karzai that's how I guess disarm part eight and so I think that it's just trying new things instantly feel comfortable plan. And we do like personal appearances and we're talking to customers. You sometimes we'll try things that they would never pick up but once it's on them and they see values I'll let it don't want comfortable and I got kind of starts emotionally for auction. What's your biggest piece of advice to you a man who is buying a gift of jewelry or a woman. If you vice and it's clock ticking time wants you really can't go wrong on two things that aren't. Strong base for about. Pearls diamonds gold one last question biggest trendy jewelry right it's kind of like the reverend Joyce I'm wearing I think your job well. So that's an asphalt and air jacket of the front and about the two different he says people are really into kind of this whole movement. You kind of worries over Iranians need to take some need help from mother grandmother. And next it was something that's new contemporary there's no liberals in this scenario as it's kind of I think that's the secret until you really an individual issue. Thank you so much for joining us for real they is we might hear from you is there a special woman in your life. That is giving back to your community tell us about her like us tweet us at Rebecca Jarvis and comment below. And from the studios in New York City am Rebecca Jarvis have a great day.

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"Dannijo CEO shares her story of how she and her sister flipped failure into success.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"27642022","title":"Click Here If You've Been Laid Off or Fired","url":"/Business/video/click-laid-off-fired-27642022"}