Clymb: One Stop Shop For Outdoors Adventure and Apparel

CEO explains why his small business was named "best place to work."
5:45 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clymb: One Stop Shop For Outdoors Adventure and Apparel
Speaking of the -- social media has radically change our behavior to want everything it's gotta be quick it's got to being immediately the next guest is tapping into online shoppers compulsive -- habits and climbing his way to the top with unique. I now strategy. Kelly Jack Wheeler is president and co-founder of -- developed a strategy to get customers to -- quickly. And now is small businesses one of the fastest growing active Wear and equipment brands on the planet it's so nice to have you with us Kelly. Things -- back relatives here. So you're you're basically he it. Tapping into our most carnal desires -- we must have what we watt and we want it now. That's right and -- -- years in a way that enables people to live healthier ends up more filling lives by getting outside and and deeds states' hands. Enjoying our our outside world. And what you you just received twenty million dollars in funding. How did you go about getting that funding in the first place and for other startups out there what's your recommendation to them to get that start up capital. Sure I mean ours was a story. -- -- bootstrap business. For several years but a report that funding events so relief for us they're building upon -- fundamentally good value proposition that resonate with consumers. That resonated with the brands that we sell them work but on the climb. This. The funding peace sort of fell into place. Based on a lot of traction. You have been named by business insider one of -- 25 top small businesses. What do you think it is about your company that got you on that list. Sure I mean we hire people that are passionate about the prospects at least sell and -- experiences that we enable us. And I think. The authenticity has been totally CE CU creating a really great culture where people -- do their best work -- Where people are really proud to come to work today. It's so interesting authenticity that word you just used. Also word that Jerome my previous guest just use when we -- talking about how to -- that passed by her that that's snapped chat. Do you think the world. The Internet has made it more important. To be more authentic to be more -- yourself and you think the world of the Internet. Lets people -- probably more about who you are and whether or not they believe what you're saying then. You know what used to be the world of TV or any other medium where you had a limited interaction with that customer and with other people. Yeah absolutely I mean the Internet is it's thought they once -- many many many conversations. -- you know. Consumers are talking to -- other consumers are you hear us. It's allowed -- some incredible real time feedback loops and our business better and stronger and that authenticity to your point really does come through. You're company is due weighing. Basically you're you're making it a -- now purchase. How are you doing that and how important is that in the world of the Internet and selling a product on the Internet these -- -- Sure you know we uber guitar manufacturers. In our brand partners to deliver. Outdoor and fitness products that really amazing presence generally forty to 70%. Off -- skills. -- available so our members. Which now -- over for us she's four million members in the US alone. -- You know that that's. That means that we haven't frankly a very limited supply -- merchandise goes quickly. And it's it's a similar model I would liken it to with the -- -- -- -- which is discounted. More high end goods but a limited amount of time to purchase those goods which incentivizes people to make that split second decision as opposed to let's wait and -- Yeah I think that that's exactly right and it really has to deal -- scarcity -- -- More than anything else. Deals that we offer every morning at 8 AM Pacific alliance. They sell stocks they sell out fast. And you become something out -- treasure hunt for -- customs. -- last question it's interesting that you say Pacific time is know your audience. You understand it you're out -- the West Coast a lot of people on the west coaster are interested in this type of product. Is -- a sweet spot for time. When when you have one of these sales that is the exploding -- types -- Is there a specific time that is the smartest time to begin your selling at and Anderson. Yes your -- our customers are all over the US backed eastern seaboard is frankly one of our biggest regions. We chose it AM because -- -- and it -- the people on the West Coast works for people on the east terrorist. Ends. It's really you know that's the start our day here in the West Coast and sons it's enables our customers you know it's a high degree of predictability when when the -- -- are -- and its Ugandan. You know 7:59 AM start seeing that traffic light up. Wonderful Kelly thank you so much for joining us the company is called the -- Kelly we really appreciate your time today. Thanks back.

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{"id":24790221,"title":"Clymb: One Stop Shop For Outdoors Adventure and Apparel","duration":"5:45","description":"CEO explains why his small business was named \"best place to work.\"","url":"/Business/video/clymb-stop-shop-outdoors-adventure-apparel-24790221","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}