Cookbook to Explore Lab-Grown Meat

Crowd-funding campaign hopes to raise money to create recipes for in-vitro meat.
1:57 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Cookbook to Explore Lab-Grown Meat
-- -- -- -- We need to talked about the future of -- As the planet's population -- -- nine billion people when he fifty. It's becoming impossible to consume meat like we do today. Scientists believe producing meat in the lab could be a sustainable. And animal friendly alternative. Recently the world's first black -- brown hamburger was. Nonetheless. Many people still find it an unattractive idea and eat meat from a laboratory and rightly so. Because if we can decide if we'll ever be willing T Latin Grammy and we needs fixed line of food culture and we'll bring us. In -- existing meat products. Make sausages steaks burgers. Growing -- in the -- may bring us entirely new food products and dining experiences -- hardly -- -- to imagine. -- -- meat -- to present speculative meat products that might be on your plate Monday. Being committed State's meat fruit salad. -- colorful magic meatballs for the kids. Meet ice cream for even revived don't Owings. As any -- and meat is still currently being developed and he'll -- -- cookbook from which you cannot cook just yet. Our recipes are delicious and innovative but also uncanny -- disturbing. It is not so much our goal to promote in vitro -- No hard to predict its future there rather to visualize a wider range of potential dishes that help us decide what future we actually -- -- -- campaign. Received the first edition of the book with your name and it. And be part of the future and meet.

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{"id":20925215,"title":"Cookbook to Explore Lab-Grown Meat","duration":"1:57","description":"Crowd-funding campaign hopes to raise money to create recipes for in-vitro meat.","url":"/Business/video/cookbook-explore-lab-grown-meat-20925215","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}