4 Crazy Ways Moms Cash In on Their Kids

Moms get creative with breast milk and baby teeth to make money for their families.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for 4 Crazy Ways Moms Cash In on Their Kids
Personally get right to -- this story of mom's finding ways to cash in on your kids. I was not kidding when I said that breast milk is one of the ways that moms are making money Genevieve shot brown ABC news travel and lifestyle editor. Is here with us and Genevieve you email this story to make a couple days ago the second exotic that we have to have -- unreal is because sometimes truth is stranger than fiction it's -- I don't let there is not paying a momma won't do it for their kids including coming up with the -- -- way. To make money. And in fact at one point there are over seventy people making breast milk jewelry and selling -- On CE brass -- -- breast milk how many do that case obese sickly mom. The one with the breast milk pick I have now -- these supplies she supplies it -- cheese and about two tablespoons for breast milk double -- Overnight now added -- creator and that it pours into a beater penned an. And then sent it back -- you know moms have told me that it's. We can't really missed I'll check when their baby is of meaning and -- is -- -- to hang -- -- moment to cost about eighty dollars for -- Eighty dollars to hang on to those moments you could just -- -- in the freezer for for it -- take a picture. You can I do wonder though that's -- like this if if this is a vendor who's creating these things. What happens how -- they keep it all straight I mean if they're getting spent a lot of jars each of Arnold. -- -- -- you're wearing around your neck with your kids names on -- -- -- also baby teeth beating in jewelry. In jewelry so I -- moms looking for ways to really hang onto those -- baby moment but okay -- actual teeth dragged her -- That's a little so this would let this out there aren't that great right exactly. I this rock my world she got hot at the academy will make molds of your beat east and in turn that into -- For use other mold their molds of the beat east TT you had a -- to send a -- in the now. Get the -- back avenue couldn't get me. Pending for about eighty dollars or ring a little more expensive the little -- it's -- little -- -- at events it's it's -- you know not for everyone but you're not why I -- of detail have you presenting I had an average ending like -- -- my kids haven't lost any -- yet. But out I don't think this is bright for me you're just -- -- your health DIY yeah -- -- certainly those teeth together put a little -- -- They -- -- take care okay that's here that. A lot of mom bloggers out there yes they see it seems like as somebody who looks at the mom blogs and I'm not among yet but when you look at these blogs there's a lot of work that goes into that -- -- working out mom blogging is not as simple as you know and to cramming a bunch of pictures on your kids and sent to the well because. Frankly no one -- your children are as interesting as you think they are let's I don't think. Sell what you have to do is come up with a creative -- you gotta find. -- in each and it's tough there's a ton of money bloggers out there. And what's interesting is that. Mom bloggers seemed to worked even more than moms who go to work and work a regular 95 job because they -- their kids all -- And their right their plots at night they're now working night and even the most successful mom blockers meek a round sixty -- -- You know you not to be sent them -- you -- just figured but it is extremely difficult to -- com. That six us it seems like though they do get a lot of free -- Ditch right and they do -- up to try it out they get a lot of free stuff that's Sheryl and I guess that would be considered a -- you know they. Beyond mind -- this you know people are. Cut no shortage of creativity here at this I -- there's a mom looking up but it's being called the BB keep -- and it's essentially a way. Of taking your kid to a public bathroom when that actually having to put them on -- to you hang your child. On the well are our friends on the wall hanging them not on the -- -- you know happy and that was cut your every kid would be that happy -- But it was pretty bad mama who you know had to take a six month old to a public restroom he she had to use the bathroom. And had nowhere to put the baby still you know why you on the lot inside the stop in not I -- I'm random spot inside the and out but Tito it's eight treatment on the got to get -- and apparently to make money for their -- and at eighty -- -- by. Non essentials a cost about forty dollars where I personally would want to carry around. Yet another thing you think but you know if you if you really need it carried out what is the average mommy blogger making. There they -- you know the ones I have spoken to. They're -- they're seeking kind of secretive because it's a very competitive World Bank the one imagine making 67000. Dollars. A very competitive world I married I can see that the drop I'm sure their mommy bloggers who hate each other out there like -- -- 100% and it was -- of a job is this month it's like baseball but Indian army and do you any sense of how many of those baby carrying while carrying things how many of those of you missile. You know I can't say how many exactly have been -- do -- now that after you wrote an art -- on ABC news. Dot com candidate payments without it he did it can't get credit that it -- and what people say where they intuit. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the beauty that because -- actually know ideally they need to be just -- everything acts of breast milk jewelry for a lot of moms that Eric Anderson by. Craig Genevieve thank you -- -- you know.

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{"id":22956102,"title":"4 Crazy Ways Moms Cash In on Their Kids","duration":"3:00","description":"Moms get creative with breast milk and baby teeth to make money for their families.","url":"/Business/video/crazy-ways-moms-cash-kids-22956102","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}