Even More Cyber Monday Deals

Becky Worley has the day's top discounts.
2:42 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Even More Cyber Monday Deals
Today is Cyber Monday -- biggest online shopping day of the year. Online retailers are offering some hefty discounts for the nearly 123. Million holiday shoppers expected to shop on the web today. And ABC's Becky Worley has been hard -- -- searching for the best deals out there. I'm Becky Worley ABC news technology contributor and -- picked out some of the best deals for this Cyber Monday so let's get right to. Starting at Macy's Macy's has a buy one get one free deal on boots they're over 200 pairs. A -- available for this deal and I know I'm not the only one a great pair of boots is a thing of beauty so two pairs even better. Sticking with retail the gap has a huge -- all of their outlets gap banana republic old navy and -- let -- all online. 30% off when -- used the code huge cyber. Now also online Amazon -- queen or king of the online deals. They sold nearly fourteen million items last Cyber Monday. -- -- of the deals they have today 25% off shoes if you buy more than 75 dollars. And one that's got me thinking about click and it into my car that's the kitchen -- professionals six quart mixer. It's normally 350. Dollars it's 259. On Amazon and there's a fifty dollar rebate. So talking about just over 200 dollars for the Cadillac of home mixers. He comes in two colors this really very attractive kind of -- red they call -- cinnamon -- And then the stainless steel I think I might ask Santa for that just helped -- by buying from myself today that's that night. Also online the New York Times digital subscription if you want that for your computer and -- Smart -- You can get that for 50% off its 26 weeks for fifty dollars. Another digital idea at iTunes. ITunes card -- best buy normally fifty dollars and you get fifty dollars with of iTunes credits. And it's only being sold for forty dollars today at best buy -- come -- let's talk a little bit about electronics. I'm channeling not impressed with the electronics field for the come out this Cyber Monday fell one exception. There's this -- at best by the -- on Black Friday could not believe the deal and it's still available online it's a 55. Inch. Samsung LED 58 inches. 499. -- nine it's available at best -- dot com. So good luck with your Cyber Monday shopping. For ABC news I'm Becky -- in Oakland California.

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{"id":15042526,"title":"Even More Cyber Monday Deals","duration":"2:42","description":"Becky Worley has the day's top discounts.","url":"/Business/video/cyber-monday-deals-15042526","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}