Deal or No Deal: The Lowdown On Dollar Stores

Alexa von Tobel reveals what to buy for a buck.
2:32 | 07/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deal or No Deal: The Lowdown On Dollar Stores
Dollar stores promised deals but not everything you'll find in the -- as a genuine bargain. So what's -- buying and what's not here with some insight as Alexa -- Sobel CEO of learn -- dot com. Welcome back collect the great to -- in Kenya -- tell us what you like to -- in the dollar -- what -- -- him. And so first you know dollar -- you don't necessarily want to run and tell your friends are shopping their I think you really have some great deals. Come on products that you really do need to buy anyway so -- the things I love at dollar stores -- -- that cleaning supplies. The clean skies -- -- slightly diluted so I would buy that did the heavy duty -- But that was it can be incredibly inexpensive things like gift -- -- indifferent apology ad dropping materials. You can get all of your holiday and -- of the literally -- -- Which is wonderful so big role of wrapping paper aluminum foil is another fantastic deal. And then party supplies so I appeared during a party -- -- the dollar story that we get everything he needs for selling Scott paper inmates are cops -- -- caught everything great assortment stamp. Fantastic now what do you stay away from anything -- -- to -- and yes I think this is really important and it's a weight from anything that has to do is -- so I would not I think that I mean something -- -- and Jack's. Wouldn't I mean that -- and so aspirin Ibuprofen and to go to the dollar store often times they've expired. And -- by any kids toys man. Kids -- obviously you know B -- -- safety hazards and -- dollar stores children's toys -- not -- well today actually going to be breaking -- to put them in and out. I'm and then panic when thanking the Pasadena fire so -- bakery products that look wonderful like Tiki torches for someone expensive a dollar. And better -- and our passengers and safety -- would actually -- prominent arsenal are very good advice that what are the things that -- and -- maybe maybe not an accident in the eighty maybe not to our eye on things like -- rates so immediately get some good food supplies that really check the expiration -- right you know when he -- through its -- Candy spent -- leaning on the shelves and hey you wanna check expiration dates and some of the things that could or could not be good deals -- things here kitchens so I'm Samir cooking and supplies. On and -- to some you're sort of -- dining table supplies. And then finally the other sort of -- are things like games so I'm immediately get some good discounts -- -- not be able to use so. It's just worth checking out not -- top dollar spurs are treated equal so. And different teens have different plus minus is so just go to your local one. Didn't run Q and can be greatly -- save a lot of money we don't have to tell your friends as his and I that you know I -- -- know. I don't think that -- and -- --

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{"id":16865045,"title":"Deal or No Deal: The Lowdown On Dollar Stores","duration":"2:32","description":"Alexa von Tobel reveals what to buy for a buck.","url":"/Business/video/deal-deal-lowdown-dollar-stores-16865045","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}