Detroit in High Gear

How Detroit is making a comeback in the auto industry.
2:17 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Detroit in High Gear
For 25 years workers at this Detroit factory have been installing dashboard. Welding frames. Stamping parts. And -- pigeons continuously for the good cars including. An American -- The home. Obama fender mustang. -- American icon at 2010 about a 100000. Ford Mustang and rolled off the assembly line here is flat rock. Had those funds are being put together in -- -- -- rolling along the line workers were wondering whether this plan would even be open this year this bad is that -- them. -- -- have bottle line of -- My -- from home by -- -- -- Sparking worries about the security. Of the mustangs home. Rumors of our lives that they always are quietly here -- You don't know what company that we're -- list that we'll. One. If we did get product. But thanks to a major commitment between Ford and the UAW the plant announced it would start building the fusion alongside the mustang. Rather than expand operations at its Mexico facility. Ford is adding more than a thousand jobs to the lines here in the United States to handle the extra production. CC new energy of people since this announcement well I -- there's so much more subtle I think -- sleeping at night knowing now. We've got to get him. In all. Ford General Motors and Chrysler have commitment to adding more than 20000. Manufacturing jobs during last year's contract negotiations. And yet despite the -- the industry may never be the -- more jobs is always better than fewer jobs. But it doesn't mean that we're going back to the days of you know 5000. UAW workers working in Detroit that it's still for those on the lines that -- The new jobs means new hope that Detroit is making a comeback. I think Jordan get a bone like you would not believe. We're gonna rebuild America that they revealed that -- part of that happen.

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{"id":15324561,"title":"Detroit in High Gear","duration":"2:17","description":"How Detroit is making a comeback in the auto industry.","url":"/Business/video/detroit-high-gear-15324561","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}