Do's and Don'ts of Spilling the Beans With Co-workers

Could your career be in jeopardy if you reveal too much?
5:30 | 07/17/14

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Transcript for Do's and Don'ts of Spilling the Beans With Co-workers
All right well while Americans might want more privacy on social media a new study shows just the opposite when it comes to socializing in person -- -- in fact nearly half of the millennial -- Say they're likely to share personal secrets with colleagues as opposed the baby boomer generation who likes to keep their dirty laundry out of the work place. What are the dangers of sharing too much some of you may have already experienced this -- -- that -- Hewitt Nicole Williams she blinked in Korea expert in the best selling author it's so nice to have you with us a call. Hebert -- So what do you make of this how much personal information is too much in the workplace. Yet you know it's a very slippery slope I think when I think that we fountains. If this study certainly didn't we are all about I'm understanding relationships and we wanted to see generation only Powell. People. -- -- relationships because relationships are so important in the workplace and -- culture and slowing down is of course that let meals are just so much more willing to share ends we consider -- a good thing you know that they have friendships that are well established church east Francis me and more productive year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Part of it is the line these days is also more blurred between work and personal because people Nicole -- just working so much more we're spending more time in the office. But I've seen you mentioned that the positives. Two millennial than anyone in the workplace sharing in getting to know each other there's also -- that didn't negative downside of you get so close out of the workplace and then whatever it is that's going on outside of the workplace -- filters over into the workplace and all of a sudden becomes a drama. Yes yes absolutely. Corrected but you know -- -- today. What I -- about this conversation is the fact that we're acknowledging that there is -- line and is I think we can learn and learn a little from the boomers in terms. Holding some of those specific details absolutely right where working upwards of seventy hours a week -- you know the majority of millennial are working in the city as reflective. Their passion and they're being who they are so inevitably they're gonna meet people where that should -- connection with bash from my perspective not a think about the fact that this person made news on your name their mind and is ultimately. Where we're attempting to create her crystal brands and she what you're sharing isn't reflective of inconsistent. The -- -- you -- action you need to be you really care hall and I think the priest be. Think that worries take imagine that they have Fareed speaks for you post on FaceBook before you snap -- before you -- What do you think -- do's and don'ts of drinking with co workers -- Yet you know it's I didn't -- dose and -- absolutely share information like you know entry friendships we know that. People are more productive in these kinds of -- based and environments and you definitely. And you know we encourage that it helps to make us more motivated even more competitive what you don't wanna do is -- people comfortable and you don't want to -- professional -- by her two -- sharing information he tells that's not. You know that just isn't consistently ash who you are as a professional. I think in this Danny's you know the whole let's go for drinks after work is very common occurrence and you definitely want to -- very careful out. One too many drinks talking about colleagues -- again information that's wildly inappropriate yet there is this balances and -- -- have a drink we tend to lose. So a big -- -- and then done. -- think one and done. That that one other interesting element from the study was the idea that colonials whether or not they would sacrifice friendship. For that promotion and I do think this speaks to the drinking factor because all of a sudden you're so close with certain people you share things maybe you shouldn't share. And if people are willing to sacrifice that friendship to get ahead. Yeah I figure out was right there -- and -- -- -- We sort of illicit this study is the fact -- yes the original ideals are willing to forgo our friendship in -- -- -- competitive team really each and -- the marketplace where you know it is very competitive you have to be competitive and ordered to succeed and I think one of the positives again especially for women is that they lead back. They're want to treat other friendships and where they can be competitive edge and still maintain a friendship that those two things are mutually exclusive so gosh you know them. The reality is the workplace is more competitive and what's the boomers would -- -- It's wonderful -- -- we really appreciate you joining us thanks so much for those great tips. My pleasure that they are met one and done -- William Clinton doesn't act.

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