Drag Queen Is Tops in Tupperware

Bobby Suchan's role as Aunt Barbara leads to big sales of spatulas and more.
2:03 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Drag Queen Is Tops in Tupperware
You have come a long way -- it is the Tupperware lady like you have never ever seen her before. The company's number one sales person in North America is racking up orders here in the New York area. Even though her parties are. Quite a drag more now from WABC's. -- -- -- There's a bit of heavy lifting this is load number six. And -- before Bobbie sue hand becomes aunt Barbara. And yeah. At 65 with heels and hair and Barbara cells where at parties like this one on -- -- -- you know this is my fate written product yet. Tupperware just like your mother or grandmother may have bought that line is updated but the way -- sold hasn't changed. -- own parties where the police gets three items depending on sales and and Barbara can sell all right you can put the -- -- split a pancake. I was coming here I don't little unsure I don't want clean sweep spatula as containers even -- graders come to life. Our enthusiasm for the products and I think their product everything will bring out he might say and -- -- -- bush and Barbara she -- -- into a warning to buy. More stock. He repudiated the disquiet because of the way she -- -- -- its -- her own mom used to sell Tupperware 45 years ago but not like this. Couple -- -- -- usually very boring but this was far from -- me so why did -- a former social worker become and Barbara. I'm sad to have you gotta make a couple blocks these days he announced any -- his own aunt Barbara for the role. At 43 he's the biggest -- seller in North America. Yeah I didn't hundred tomorrow night and he created more than 250000. Dollars worth of products last year. She hopes six months to a year in advance with each party generating many encore performances. A lot of them are helping hide. So while -- back in this neighborhood again.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"Bobby Suchan's role as Aunt Barbara leads to big sales of spatulas and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"15478864","title":"Drag Queen Is Tops in Tupperware","url":"/Business/video/drag-queen-aunt-barbara-sells-tupperware-15478864"}