Empowering Women A World Away

How a jewelry company is creating equality.
6:19 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Empowering Women A World Away
Today is international women's day a global event that includes the goal of getting equal pay for women in the workforce. Joining us to talk about her efforts for women's equality is Francine -- -- the founder of same sky a company which helps woman an African make a fair wage. Francine welcome thank you so much for joining us thank you for celebrating international women's and that I mean like you said it's not well publicized but it's an important day for women around the world really in your company. Same sky is doing its part to empower women tell me how how does that work you know. I wanted to create a trade initiative on an aid initiative I -- to give women who needed it a hand up not a hand out. So I started -- jewelry company where we. A 100% of the proceeds go back into the company in the women -- fifteen to twenty times the average wage and for them since I pay them per piece of jewelry their lives -- transformed you know they. Get to sleep on mattresses they move out of government house in some -- I had some -- electricity. -- -- -- land reforms its tangible how many nine outwit them. I know where the money goes you know when you write a check to a charity do you really know where the money goes as good intentions. They have. I wanted to do something to really empower women and I wanted women to -- each other. Women do you employ we employ about eighty women but what's exciting is that we've sold about 30000 pieces -- jewelry so every one. That buys a piece of jewelry is a rip into the cause and is a connection to a woman in Africa who made the jewelry. Now I'm actually wearing one -- these bracelets and do you know who made this was made by Bridget Bridget Bridget Bridget. -- was that was taken by a -- to general during the -- want to genocide. And used as a sex slave and is HIV positive and it was really very close to ending her -- I mean she had nothing to live when -- family anyway. Now she as -- said moved out of government housing she's opened a bank account for the first time in her life. She even has around entrepreneur -- potato business. It's phenomenal to see the transformation. And the health transformation the women's. HIV numbers changed dramatically and they say how beautiful you don't even know I'm sick there's so many components to it so how you find -- recruit these woman how do you train them. While we go over and -- -- we actually go to Africa and my staff knows how to crush a very well so we work with them. Originally the aids activist Mary Fisher went over and -- the first women how to deal with and we just come over and train them with new designs and new things that we bring to the marketplace. -- brought along today to new -- sky products in honor of international women's day can you show them too well the first one is men's cuff links because their kids we need to acknowledge the amendment supporters on international women's day and they really. To think that they're all -- -- -- the quality of the work is incredible and the use of the new hope necklaces. And what's great is they have a magnetic clasp and the -- -- great you can wrap them around you can use them -- -- -- you can you know it's just that -- fabulous where -- people -- this children you can buy it on same sky dot com -- you can violence seems content you've been running -- sky for about three years to tell me as a business how is it going and it is this business model working. It's really working it's so exciting I mean people. Love the story. And when you sell a product that's ethically produced and has a great story attached to it. People get excited to get their daughters and Bob they get their friends and -- they tell the story on airplanes. Women have come to us. And men to so many men are so excited supplies history that really means something and give it to their girlfriend or wife -- mother. And -- fourth these women you know obviously this is a for profit company as well. Howard their profits and proceeds from the sales used or they reinvested back into the business 100% of profits -- -- 100% you know so many companies do such a good job. Re investing 10%. But this is a kind of -- it's a new business inspired really by Mohammed Yunus and and the idea micro finance finance so but this is it listen it's -- -- said. We get to pay the women heard. Piece of jewelry so we know they get the money directly. We pay them fifteen to twenty times the average wage and sub saharan Africa at the same time when we reinvest the money and buying more materials. And actually the materials are produced in America and we shift them to row Wanda by FedEx. So it took a global business where we give employment in America two we. Use the partisanship qualities of the women didn't in Rwanda and Zambia -- both clintons and who designs this jewelry well this was originally designed by Mary Fisher the aids activists -- At week in house to all -- this designing and we have a lot of great products but we are hoping to get more designers to come -- and help us because. These are just inspirations that we play where -- I know we can do and even better job. So you're in this for the long haul so in five years what's your vision for same -- dream is to is to open same sky America I think there's tremendous need. There's a tremendous. -- the poverty here and if we could get women working and give them a sustainable -- create a marketplace for their work what I believe in is ethical and beautiful. It can't just be ethical and it can't just be. This is what I called guilt free shopping -- -- shopping you know when you federal a country and you buy things because you feel guilty that the people don't have much. But when you get -- -- you put them in the -- this is guilt free shopping where it's beautiful and it's -- CDs is just so beautiful. I'm so proud to Wear all this jewelry I think it's so great it's. And I went -- to inspire other philanthropists and entrepreneurs to do the same thing. We just can't rely on philanthropy in any -- doesn't work a 100%. Francine Le -- an inspiring conversation to be having an international -- that someone founder -- sky thank you so much thank you.

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{"id":15877829,"title":"Empowering Women A World Away","duration":"6:19","description":"How a jewelry company is creating equality.","url":"/Business/video/empowering-women-world-15877829","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}