How to Get Your Kids to Read More

Epic! App makes reading fun and interactive for children on the iPad.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for How to Get Your Kids to Read More
I want you to check out this video of a toddler. Trying to get a magazine to work like an iPad take a look. I yes the Mary Claire magazine doesn't work quite like the iPad babies love this stuff. You see it all the time in parks and playgrounds kids playing on iPad rather than reading -- getting our kids to pick up a book. Can be a daunting task these days but parents don't give up hope just yet -- new -- Epic is tackling that challenge by making reading more fun. On the notebooks that kids are already getting used to the ones that they love and joining us now from Skype is -- Donahue he is co-founder abdic. And formerly worked as an executive in YouTube and Google it's so nice to have you with us haven't. And -- thanks good to be here. So tell us about this at how does it work. So what -- isn't even look at subscription based service for children for children's books. -- -- -- -- -- And all people have to do is download it from the App Store you can find it by searching -- looks in the apps store. And what it does is basically offers thousands of great children's books. Available at the touch of -- finger. Instantly streamed into the iPad -- and read it in a really more about free unfettered -- -- way in the duty for. One of the things that we found the media started looking to -- my guess is that the services out there today require its download books one by one -- -- Pretty frustrated -- Well I can be frustrating it can also be expensive and I've heard a lot of different apps these days being described as being Netflix of and then you name it whatever it is. -- shows children's books is your category and also -- Other app makers out -- just choose books as a very broad spectrum category why focus in on something so specific. Well I've grown parents ourselves our team here hands. We. I also see from my personal experience my daughter was -- and started thinking about this and I thought I had ended in all he's doing on the that was basically planning reverse pass. Six. You know I'm sure other parents -- -- -- stirred talk to my friends and I realized -- pretty common problem. So we decided why don't you see this platform -- mobile devices and -- in particular. And why don't we take excited kids how to route -- and wanted to introduce a great reading experience on that device. Because it really didn't exist yet. And how do you know I mean we're looking at some examples of kids flipping through the pages but how do you know that kids are actually reading. As opposed to just playing with the -- the way they would normally and flipping through pages. That's one of the great things about it this is more than does a services that -- the books in the cloud and a library. Where enabling the parents -- reading -- indicates NC to. So legacy which folks have been -- and for how long and kids can read books that parents inconsistency which -- -- like more. Than others. And in addition to that we insist just considerable to -- read kick flips through every single page -- you. As we track the delay the time that a child is on pace and we can know. If they finish the -- -- not. Lots of schools these days they're what I mean there's plenty of schools that are getting -- they're going to tech -- but they're also. -- major push in a lot of schools to have eyes on paper to have kids not just looking at -- computer screen all day. How in that world in that environment to -- scale this company. -- -- I think it's inevitable that these devices are out there you know the primary computing device for consumers now is the molten glass. So if they're going to be existed in the in the home apparently you know how many kids you -- access to -- -- -- trying to create good screen time. This can live you know very well hand in hand with print books -- other printed materials is just another way that you -- You can leverage rooting for kids you can create a huge volume notebooks it would be you know normally. Elsewhere and then also they didn't seek it everywhere they can download books directly to the tablet making even -- in the car on a plane or whatever. And as somebody now who has gone through the entire process of getting into that App Store and there's a lot of people out there who have their own ideas for apps. What is your best piece of advice to an app maker right now who's like how do I get in that mix. Rice obviously you know myself and the team were Silicon Valley people who have -- other companies. -- we skills needed to large you know funds that users. What is going -- now it's it's quite challenging to being -- -- -- hundreds of thousands of apps available we'll -- Google play and -- in the App Store -- outsource. -- -- -- -- -- You know we just launched recently were receding. Amazing feedback from parents and from teachers want using classrooms. I would say -- something you're passionate about doing something that people can relate to you that solves the problem. And that's the wakes you up to really rise. The other -- Built something your passion about we like that Kevin thank you so much for joining us some real -- -- -- --

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{"id":22862730,"title":"How to Get Your Kids to Read More","duration":"3:00","description":"Epic! App makes reading fun and interactive for children on the iPad.","url":"/Business/video/epic-reading-app-kids-kids-read-22862730","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}