Facebook Stock Volatility: Revenue Up, Teens Down

Share price dropped after CFO acknowledged a decrease in daily use among teens.
2:16 | 10/31/13

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Transcript for Facebook Stock Volatility: Revenue Up, Teens Down
-- surged 17%. At a company beat analysts' expectations. Abbott -- got slammed it's now down about 6% in interest staying. Statement. From the company saying there's a popularity drop among teens a key demographic I think that's got a lot of people worried. It does right in on -- teens tired you know advertisers love to see where the -- are common from but. I would be you know this is one of these debates have been haven't all morning here it's a sort of a chicken and egg thing it's like. OK so teams are sort of fickle they try out a new site -- this is new it's different you don't wanna go there. My friends go there but then they come back to FaceBook and then you know they've they've -- likens to Graham but they didn't like FaceBook and so well I have to use FaceBook this and that and you know they they can't go around and try things the thing that we really have to watch. Our advertisers in revenues is how you judge where advertisers are going to revenues were huge in their growth in their push to mobile was excellent and -- was the stock you know crazy volatility up fifteen down six. Inside a veto a couple of hours that's insane but the stock is moving along there are truly grow the business and you know it certainly -- watching where the user's -- and the daily active the monthly active users. But it also -- watching how they can continue to grow that revenue. And there's no real competition out there -- to -- interests they offer. A section of what FaceBook has but it's not a direct competitor in terms of the full content that FaceBook provides. I just give you one word answer yet and that us -- -- right right to be -- rarely nobody gonna get a billion won a one billion users. Overnight that's just not gonna happen. You know on an even -- how many of those are legit but you know the fact of the matter is people making the comparisons to Twitter -- gonna go public. Next week it's it's a fraction of the -- is. Of FaceBook and is trying to diversify. It's user base you and I both active Twitter users lovers of Twitter -- and everybody in the media and finance and -- -- -- wanting. You know what sort of a little differently to different people. Right to which is what FaceBook is that can work for you were against you if you grandmothers on Twitter. We're on FaceBook or Twitter for that matter it's not really all that cool beyond there of grammys there he -- -- -- then cooler.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Share price dropped after CFO acknowledged a decrease in daily use among teens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"20741445","title":"Facebook Stock Volatility: Revenue Up, Teens Down","url":"/Business/video/facebook-stock-volatility-revenue-teens-20741445"}