Facebook and Twitter For The Dead

Farnoosh Torabi explains the rules of social networking sites.
2:35 | 07/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook and Twitter For The Dead
FaceBook is now on track to have a billion users by August so -- begs the question what happens to accounts when users passed away what are the rules for other web sites here with the answers. Partners to -- -- -- financially fit on Yahoo! welcome back to the show -- to be. -- the people really want to think about it snappy you know the most cheery thought but hey it happens to social media accounts wouldn't talk about what happens when a person passes away let's start out FaceBook. All right so what happens with FaceBook is that basically -- the war memorial rises your account allowing people to continue to post. On the account remembrance is grievances. But people can't -- you and so an -- you're not really searchable so it's it becomes relatively -- it. And and that's what happens FaceBook of course if you have someone that's designated in your will to maybe take further action and that person has legal rights today and contact -- looking mean work on something -- mean each and on the account entirely about -- Twitter well archive your tweets. But basically you know your account is no longer active but again. All of this comes here and honest repeat myself but all this comes to the protocols of the site established but also if you have some that you especially want to happen he wanted to mention that articulate that in your will and designate a digital exactly -- to then go and follow up with these companies. And what they're you know maybe their the their -- to -- -- keep your site Afflalo that you want it shut down entirely you have a right to do that -- it's not just social -- that's like that this bank accounts store counts regular email -- counts and in general Americans value of these assets at they have online not the financial -- but a lot of these sort of like intangibles photos. The -- -- as a safety 5000 dollars that's -- -- -- these these possessions and so you know. It's it's significant but we often forget about them when we're planning our state but -- mentioned financial accounts bank accounts credit card accounts. Whether you are anticipating. A lot -- short life you should always have these past when -- -- at the ready and give them to someone you trust me that's the spouse because think about -- you could just be in the hospital getting surgery or you could be out of the country out of pocket and on April 2 accidents a year accounts and this is helpful to have someone you trust -- -- -- appeared incapacitated but something that could get access to that -- right and that's where -- -- proxies living -- can't also continue articulate what you want -- into these accounts. In addition to you know your -- your medical care all right thanks to think about good ideas. Varnish -- host of financially -- on Yahoo! we thank you for joining us this is where.

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{"id":16865084,"title":"Facebook and Twitter For The Dead","duration":"2:35","description":"Farnoosh Torabi explains the rules of social networking sites.","url":"/Business/video/facebook-twitter-dead-16865084","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}