Find $500 in Your Closet

See how you can make money from things you own.
3:37 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Find $500 in Your Closet
Real love that feeling when -- find a ten dollar bill He forgot about an -- genes -- jacket. So how to find 500 dollars in your closet. -- onto -- the founder and CEO of learn best is here to show us how thanks so much for joining us -- -- -- to -- -- nice to see things -- having me so yeah it's easy to make -- by clearing out the clock her first such as books and CDs I've got plenty of how I cleared is that makes money. So we all have done so I had kind of old CD's that I had no he's far and there's a great site called iPod istar. We cannot let about a hundred and -- EC east to get a free iPhone. Or and I hot so obviously go to great things. -- and then with all of the extra bucks for the -- have just sitting around. And there's tons of waste southbound -- Eric textbook buyer dot com -- and tell -- old textbooks. Or you can go and -- I'm all of the other -- had a great places like Amazon and it feels great final -- -- -- -- money lying around and you can get greatest and that platter. OK another thing a lot of us need to get rid of as -- phones because we're upgrading our phones it seems like every year now. And it is possible to earn a few bucks at least from your old phone -- how do you do that. That's why today is it and at a site and I love -- that -- Hitler and asked Alan it's called it gives Al dot com. And you can unload your lets say -- I found three per 130 dollars. -- sent back to great thing to do and don't forget to recycling or other phones I'm making can't south and that is now will bite out of me phones but it's -- -- other gadgets. Eight and quickly and their efforts -- -- money and help the environment. I'll hunt thirty bucks for life -- that's not fat I want. You got sound designer -- or jewelry that you want us Allen in the first thing I think about his eBay is that the best placed it now. So that is a great place to go I'm designer duds just remember it and obviously brain that Louis Vuitton Prada -- take really good pictures many south and because people want to make sure that there op and it still command really high prices -- -- And then when it comes to celery before you go and -- I'm I strongly recommend you getting appraised first I'm and you get it pays don't tell and -- your cleaning -- it -- often -- these are. We'll keep you a lower appraisal value and then quickly -- -- offer. Not accepting any -- -- and telling Hillary and eBay is a Great -- and we never thought about that are what if you don't have the time to take -- great pictures. And postings on sites like eBay what do you do that. So they're experts are great apps and -- there's a great site called the thrift store shopper dot com -- -- find out -- experts are. An expert people like -- we're always short on time. That's free can I'm let things in big -- sell them at your clock to get rid of a lot of things but just remember you'll get about three dollars and fifty cents. For something that would resell for ten dollars about 35% of the value. So you're not gonna make the most money -- -- get rid of a lot of stuff quickly are. You got tons of stuff whole basement. Full of stuff instead of just o'clock isn't easy way to unload it -- want. Story so that's lending would recommend eating something like a yard sale. And I think the -- -- fifteen -- -- -- came up late Ares. Join up with the need our if you -- two different homes are two different the only doing -- -- -- one time you're gonna have more stock and obviously volume will bring more at people to come -- looking ultimately and it's selling. I I ask -- -- not your house and He can definitely can't Al but for that I -- deathly recommend a yard sale. I created ice -- until ultra learn best thanks so much -- at night I didn't -- -- out.

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{"id":14780220,"title":"Find $500 in Your Closet","duration":"3:37","description":"See how you can make money from things you own.","url":"/Business/video/find-500-closet-14780220","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}