Healthy Simple Recipes for the Road

Whole Foods CEO squashes the excuse eating healthy is too expensive and takes too much time.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for Healthy Simple Recipes for the Road
And it turned to this topic you see it all the time in the news more than 60% of Americans are overweight may -- even -- but our next guest says that he's part of the solution. To this growing epidemic John MacKey is the CEO -- -- Anthony here to fight back against the excuse that eating healthy is too expensive John. Take so much for joining us from Austin -- -- starting your very first whole foods many years ago. Things could be. You know a lot of people do you still think of whole foods as a more expensive place to go -- get their food they think of it is a luxury even. How do you fight back against that and tell me the real facts. Well. First and understand is that -- Watson wants money -- theater here and here's -- -- senate. -- disposable income. Fifty years. Spinning I. Hate Americans on average only spent about eight -- warming and its respect and that's not our but it. And yet at the same time arguably the quality. Deteriorated. Where -- we're selling a lot of our process used sugar or flour. Ropes all America style -- 69%. Overweight and thirty -- -- so we can or to pay a little bit more get our quality. -- that are more -- -- actual state. First and understand second label it's it's during the great deals or -- There are 360 -- private label. Also it is -- or -- prices. -- from a warm more competitive with each asked. I was looking at the top sellers at whole foods. And all of them are coming from at 365 brand from your milk. To -- organic blueberries they're all coming from the whole foods private label so much of the conversation. About food has been about -- now a lot of that conversation is also turning towards the weird the food comes from. -- -- -- One of the fastest growing fast food chains out there just started a new campaign 330 minute episodes there's four of them. And it's a comedy series and they're taking a stab at that school farmed natural food movement wanna take a look at -- Hippies. On a manipulator in the believing that real food is better than processed it. That we can feed the world with sustainable agriculture. Smells like communism to made. So I was talking with chipotle yesterday John because I was interested in this by the way this whole series there's there's four of them. They never mention chipotle but I talk to them about why would they be doing this and they said they want people to start questioning. -- -- their food comes from what's been processed what's real. And I was thinking when I was talking chipotle this sounds a lot like what John MacKey is trying to do with whole -- Well I haven't seen it triple area actually -- on one. -- but anything it's. Well we educate people about way through news throne and there making people more conscious about. Where it comes from wounds. -- -- here is something our. Being there are all certainly hope it -- that it. Do you pressure because when you go through a whole foods a few years ago I could -- your whole foods and a lot of the food. Was local it was locally raised locally produced now -- -- you walk through a whole foods and a lot of it is international do you feel pressure. Because of what consumers are looking for to bring in food from farther and farther -- place's. I think he had -- on the back. Words -- gone there are slow servers security on the higher percent of its source or the products sold or. Or national international local. We -- worked really well in the last few years we are far more local groups today it appears ago. So -- me. People want different thanks some people want to -- mostly mobile. And others shop armor and on the basis problems. Some want. I mean. You'd be hard pressed the United States to buy low all for example or local many units in -- low key. These lots of agricultural commodities -- running -- -- on locally so. It's -- it's over happening there's a movement or more locally it's it's. At the same time it means -- being internationalized. More globalized. System where we -- able to buy foods are from all around the world I think people want votes. I don't see any contradiction itself there. We want -- -- -- candidate but we also want Paul I'll -- and we want chocolate we want team bananas mangoes and now we get a local. What do you think the biggest myths about helping. I think the biggest -- I don't think most people owners while we are so there was -- that. This nation. And biggest -- -- Warren. And secondly to admit that you -- which is there healthier future necessarily more -- These recruits -- only rich -- -- fundamentally not true that. I know persons news that. All restarts. All but I'm not student through -- day for. It but that's not you -- to no -- where things are brown rice and beans you're not a -- person sees. It's shop aren't Celine intelligently you don't it is and -- much money to help fight -- world. How John how did your employees stack up against the national -- is that 60%. Of Americans. Are overweight -- -- the whole foods employees stack up what's the obesity rate there. Don't play -- but it Irish back -- Well we of course we don't. We don't keep statistics. Have on our team members. Not ensure that illegal to do so. -- -- -- -- -- -- Measuring our our the waste -- RA members. It's I don't really -- -- -- certainly we have people -- wait workable it is and some are obese. But probably only averaged. We're better in America while our needs sixty arsenal away and say I'm surely 69% of the team member for all of which are not overweight. There's a 28 -- challenge. Going on with whole foods what what is whole foods doing to educate the public. So many things are well one but things neighbor when it which which would challenge people's names -- -- -- -- agent C a tremendous faults. It -- -- -- periods you can you can lose quite a bit a -- you can learn a lot of blood pressure were possible. It's from Beijing -- speak -- -- itself. -- -- -- off poisoning start eating natural whole news. We also do things like. We educate obesity are all starts here program where we are talking about the -- principles -- got a -- to eat. -- whole -- mostly wing base. Dmitri Nance eating fast server from sources -- sources. So we're educating that we're beginning it's a label best experience skilling who aren't free are -- based on. Stack up in -- I'll start your rating program. Are we gotten -- -- got things in -- We're constantly. In all basics are mentioning what they think -- -- things there governance and discount programs your -- -- cholesterol blood sure -- spoke. And years they're not overweight -- -- it. The bigger discount Ers source. And we have class a total -- merges. Where. Continue -- -- to try to find. Most effective ways to educator members and customers we barely gotten started. Well John MacKey we really appreciate you joining us thanks so much. Lecture me on what -- did you -- John MacKey the co-founder of whole.

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{"id":22565871,"title":"Healthy Simple Recipes for the Road","duration":"3:00","description":"Whole Foods CEO squashes the excuse eating healthy is too expensive and takes too much time.","url":"/Business/video/foods-recipes-healthy-simple-recipes-road-22565871","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}