Former Illinois City Comptroller's Horses Auctioned

Rita Crundwell is accused of misappropriating funds from Dixon, Ill., to support her lifestyle.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Former Illinois City Comptroller's Horses Auctioned
The star of the show is headed nor his name is good I will be or Willie as he is known -- the red brick road ranch. This three time world champion horse sold yesterday for 775000. Dollars to a Canadian woman -- really gets ready to leave. Hundreds of other horses are waiting for the auction block this is that the largest. Orders auction this type we've done over 400 horses saddled rivals its trucks trailers -- furniture. Even several batches of frozen semen from a -- reading program are all being sold. The entire ranch belongs to read it -- -- the former Dixon Illinois comptroller. Who was accused of stealing 53 million dollars from the city coffers over the past 22 years. The fact that she was one of the leading Breeders' Cup quarter horses in the country perhaps in the world. We've seen prices that make this very comfortable that we'll be able to recover some of the -- certainly not all. But that is not a typical fraud case if Crennel -- found guilty Dixon will get the money from the auction. Many of the buyers no -- -- including Tommy sheets from New Albany Indiana. He walked away with close to 2000 dollars worth of rivals and a horse. She says -- local forces ended a lot for the industry although with over 400 horses she says it became too much. I took it is a person that maybe has a hoarding disease. You know I think she got into -- these horses and you know this can't brazen -- -- -- he didn't know what to do of them and didn't want us elements. But now -- doesn't have a choice but to sell for curious locals who came to witness the auction they -- amazed how big. Our operations. For the years the same time she served and allegedly stole from Dixon. Actually better. Think everybody here and have. -- -- -- and amp -- -- parents are behind that public can afford this now we know them. Late Wednesday while the drugs everything she called the animals in and just everything just happened modeling. And Dixon did at all -- the big.

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{"id":17331292,"title":"Former Illinois City Comptroller's Horses Auctioned","duration":"3:00","description":"Rita Crundwell is accused of misappropriating funds from Dixon, Ill., to support her lifestyle.","url":"/Business/video/former-illinois-city-comptrollers-horses-auctioned-17331292","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}