No Franken-fries Here!

McDonald's has revealed how they make their fries in videos posted to their YouTube account, hoping to put to rest suspicions that their fries contain no potatoes.
2:54 | 01/21/15

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Transcript for No Franken-fries Here!
Are. And it is time now for in the mix and have you ever wondered. How does McDonald's make those French processors and Wednesday to five absolutely and it can't be real if it's act good. Well apparently that that's a question a lot of people had and there's this one diet. The kind of looked into it he did what did you called. Reverse engineering to try to figure out at McDonald's french fries are really made from potatoes and he went through the whole system. Did this fast food giant lifted the veil or Hamlet to YouTube video that's been all over the place. And it's already gotten a million plus views take a look there and he found out yes indeed. Guess what. The French Fries are made. Of potatoes real quick I don't yes. These are the real deal see I didn't think there are made up funky stuff I did it tastes fresh to me for him. And blossom. And whether there actually made very real French man that's a whole other question but that they're made of but it just secret is that the exact. Inspector gadget feminine and that means that they're gadget this message will self destruct yes this is a self destructing block did you buy it. It's cheap PR stunt but my name's Patterson and a PR firm and he's creating the world's first self destructing book. Showing up 24 hours to read the ball double O clock counting down as to when it'll come. He self destruct. But here's the catch it's gonna cost you a pretty penny to book sells for 200. 294038. Dollars lies that you get a private trip and a five course meal with the author. And they say you get a thrilling reading experience. About a thousand readers will have the opportunity get a free digital copy of the book. Okay my finishes was wondering if it's a bevy of Victoria's Secret models you know reading at fourth that it would take every network equipment reported to equity for that much about a case you don't insult me is all the praise as of two years ago and you know. It's difficult to take that perfect stealthy. Dining than his offerings a photographer he's offering you stealthy classes hates about 37 dollars. Added all of this a seven right now he says the keys to the perfect something. Keep the polls natural so you have that can Kardashian has certainly kept her poses natural grad friends which is what she did. Justin Bieber is his own friend shoot from above and clean up the background. With Miley kind of and use those tips and then repeated drug dealers that are very. Although home with pain you read that south the creator of it and I don't think I get all the would cause hotline number in the break out all that well I don't know looked better. They stride extract. Ever while. Okay how do you top yourself just trying to get right. My uncle open lane Oscar Goodman bet.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"McDonald's has revealed how they make their fries in videos posted to their YouTube account, hoping to put to rest suspicions that their fries contain no potatoes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"28380723","title":"No Franken-fries Here!","url":"/Business/video/franken-fries-28380723"}