Frugal February: Family Curbs Spending

The Dunnings from Davis, Calif., try to go one month without spending money.
3:00 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for Frugal February: Family Curbs Spending
I thought it was just frugal Friday a close one day you know very well we can do that. From those -- February it began as an idea for this family of six that quickly developed into a life of its own. Since my pockets were empty it was -- he's not a real hard decision to make that Dunning of Davis take about to stop spending money not a single diet. For a whole month. It was interesting after spending so much money over -- the holidays. Christmas. To think wow could we how much could we cut back how much could we -- how much don't we need. Bob -- decided to go all the way with the social experiment so on January 31. They went shopping. For a lot of groceries. Loaded up on the butter. From Costello. Not so a lot of things for baking we're planning to eat a lot of rice. We have a lot of frozen meat. -- families now walking instead of driving. All miscellaneous spending on. Discretionary spending you know yogurt here in. Coffee here in a movie and -- -- about it adds up real fast and I would ensure we can do. Few days then but what's happening to kids are playing. Thinking about they don't really -- -- -- -- -- I wonder if we can go to the dollar tree needy and then got out now are not spending any money so they kind of have to say -- things that -- had. So may have made this wallet out of multi colored duct tape. It is sick but -- really -- But not everybody is on -- if neck. Oh but -- -- real life lesson -- And family. I hope that it will reset our our clock on everything I hope that at the end of this month we can look back and say. I -- we have a lot of fun with each other court over the past ten days.

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{"id":15530015,"title":"Frugal February: Family Curbs Spending","duration":"3:00","description":"The Dunnings from Davis, Calif., try to go one month without spending money.","url":"/Business/video/frugal-february-family-curbs-spending-15530015","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}