Gadget Gifts for Grandma

Joanna Stern breaks down the best gadgets to buy
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Gadget Gifts for Grandma
Well from PJ -- -- to technology we want to find out what some of the hot items will be this holiday season. Who drilled down on what tech -- it should we be getting for -- -- -- and we have the person who is known for now intact around ABC news she is tech editor Joanna stern and she's here. Her hand pick favorites Joanna it. Well we talked about that and I -- that would be a real big I think currently graying hair. And I -- you look just like my -- -- Congratulations. Good day kids are right there don't -- have as far as technology goes do you have any technology that can make you look more like -- I do down there I'm I'm hoping that they come out it's Smart cane and I think -- -- so what. My biggest thing I'm saying that there is no what you're gonna get before you going to backfire even offering start going to these sites because they trying to overwhelm you with. These cheaper tablet sure you can get these deals on this just know what you wanna get so these are some -- my top picks. The first let's start with the tablet because. Honestly go to the best -- tablet -- and -- feel like these companies are trying to mess with your head. It got tons of different sides is difference -- so I know it sounds a little bit cliche but my favorite is still the iPad is is that entrapped. Tried and true the pioneer of the tablet I mean you still get the best apps hearing -- to get the best hardware so this is the iPad air. IPad -- and really the only difference this year between these two is the size so also the price to get this for 399 this -- 499 but. Really still one of the best tablets if you're looking for something a little bit cheaper -- definitely say go with the nexus seven from Google. That cost about 230 dollars about half the race exactly it when it comes to buying these do you consider an older versions are of utmost today it depends on it that comes down to priced right you can get the iPad two now for as well with 299 dollars 250 dollars so. If you want to deal with a little bit of a -- your tablet you wanna get that little older generation maybe slower processor. Spaniard then that's the sacrifice you make. We just got a text urged me not -- we actually -- think. Yeah Brad Brad and Xbox I brought an Xbox biggest question this year PlayStation Xbox and this is obviously the biggest question for the gamers but it's also -- for families right I mean these can now become the center of the -- -- And that's why I am picking acts boxing it was a little bit of the debate I might actually be tackled by auditors they might be around here don't do what guys do bastards yes he's got a -- build a fortress protected by armed attack and I don't from the commentators this -- But the Xbox lamp picking -- is that it does have great games but also integrates with your TV -- -- can actually say to it like Xbox watch ABC Xbox watch rob. Just watch AB CI just tell it to watch anything I don't want -- but so it has this new component here it is more expensive 500 dollars what else. What else a lot of this stuff is all at the center your phone and so I am not the biggest fan of buying -- for people it's kind of hard decision maybe get a gift card talent you know by the found. But so all of these actually work with your balance of one of these these two here are interesting products made -- Nast -- -- the home improvement -- This is the -- protect it actually smoke detector doesn't sound sexy but actually looks really cool. And that lights up. And this is -- I hope it doesn't beat because my smoke detector in my apartment literally be asked about all tied it wakes us up at night that's the best -- talks to you. And when about it and it died in the late late at night Wright -- affect it says go to sleep now and this is the thermostat again instead it with your phone using an app so I really like these two products I think. It's this interesting way of -- your phone into the whole house. I ask you to bring us some products for gifts for the family because I think one of the most challenging thing is -- gifts for Grammy Graham. In the tech space and a little -- I'm still struggling with this Graham -- Graham I think don't think the iPad is always a good way to teach them you know new computing styles. I do you think that this is actually really good gift for teens -- this is the jam box -- it is a great way to listen to one direction with all your fame -- -- your friends. Which I'm now listening to all the time. So you've just pair this with any type of phone and it's a Bluetooth speaker and it looks momma gets really loud. And then at this I think is a great gift -- -- also want one really I yes exactly inside this has been -- the case. An inside here is another battery you can but the -- galaxy S four -- iPhone 5. Charge up your phone I have one on mine. To look at my tweets right now and so you just get a full extra charge by tapping -- and turning on hopefully there are no heaters. Not. Actually ever I have some retreats on my on my last great love that ice Joanna stern we love -- they -- so I knew I -- come -- -- -- grandma actually. We like US ER I'm I'm coming back next coaching mind to -- -- -- that lives.

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