Great Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts

Jennifer Jolly shares her favorite technology to give as gifts.
1:37 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Great Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts
Looking for gadgets you and your family can using your travels but want to make sure you're not plunking down your hard earned money for -- done -- tech dot com's lifestyle editor Jennifer jolly is here with us today. To tell -- about some of her favorite gadgets for folks who go far from welcome back to her they say you've got all these fun of -- gadget that I've got my eyes on this which is a very slim lightweight looking Latin this reminds me of the apple air. Well the big buzz this here are altered books that -- books are in its kind of a hybrid tablet laptop. Put together into one sleek beautiful device this is the -- -- black. With they act core Intel I seven processor which means it's super fast super sexy. Very very lightweight it holds a battery charge longer than normal. Up to eight hours. -- streams these gorgeous movies and it starts up instantly -- -- open it and there's no waiting around president of the peace. Alternative to the apple -- I know a lot of the folks in the PC market of trying to get into that market so that's the first one that's a thousand dollars and that the splurge. But -- -- but a good value you say anyway if you're traveling do not travel with those big clunky laptops -- makes no sense travel with -- beautiful slim -- book -- the next. You have is -- red reader from Sony and ten year reader what makes this difference in the. Will we -- her whole lot about this little Sony. Heidi it's six inches one of the smallest and lightest again on the market today. It has a glare free touch screen and the longest battery life one charge and you can read off of it for up to a month. So again it just makes great sense player traveling. Its first. From the device of another way to save -- you can borrow books this 130 dollars so it's still a great price about a hundred. Almost 150 dollars -- some of those other. McCain and -- next product you brought I am really interested in because I -- -- can't. Who gets away easily. And pocket finer GPS. How does this work you attach it to the can't get I get asked all the time. How can I keep an eye and my children line traveling or even -- teenage children when they're driving. This is called the pocket finder GPS locate here. So you -- the device you can you can place it that the black part of the device somewhere in your home you can sync it up. Or you can -- -- -- wirelessly with any of your -- -- -- your iPhone your iPod your iPad. And -- -- where that child dozens GPS technology that works with your cell phone technology. And you can see them on the map locate them within ten feet really -- -- they are in the world that really is a sign of the times and it. OK the next thing is -- -- -- video game enthusiasts -- handers and asked the new PS3 Jack in Baxter video game you know we've got typical teenagers. And those road -- on those family vacations so so you can you connect -- a little -- beloved with -- -- Baxter video collection remastered this is not a brand new video but it's been remastered in high definition. 3-D stereo and graphic. Components 720. Beautiful. It's an experience with some of your favorite characters in this new vibrant very immersive way amazing graphics all that the whole package and I don't think you wanna talk about for travel is. Splurge on some travel gadgets or on any thing for travel -- -- it -- dot com it's an online mall basically. You walk through the front door and infant you know you can see a lot of wonderful things for Valentine's Day for Christmas for any holiday. He walked the front door and you'll get great deals 25% -- -- 15% 50%. And then anytime -- buying through -- dates you also get cash back. So you get money. For shopping. Through this -- -- but just thinks could separated right you know I cannot you so much to -- all of attack that's out there and these are great idea my job debt -- and the attack blacks are protected icon thanks so much Jennifer thank you.

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{"id":15834481,"title":"Great Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts","duration":"1:37","description":"Jennifer Jolly shares her favorite technology to give as gifts. ","url":"/Business/video/great-gadgets-make-perfect-gifts-technology-jennifer-jolly-business-15834481","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}