A Hassle Free Apartment Hunt to Epic Tech Flops of 2013

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what's buzzing this week on Real Biz 12.17.2013.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for A Hassle Free Apartment Hunt to Epic Tech Flops of 2013
Hello welcome to real -- I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar first stop that -- story everyone is talking about forty million credit and debit card accounts. Have been compromised -- -- -- just a minute also. The latest on the target breach also remember we're gonna talk to a start up this morning who is trying to crash Craigslist. And Twitter music and FaceBook home probably not want -- in history is here with the at big tech sales of twenty for thirteen. -- to get right to -- a new start up like we said trying to eliminate the headache of searching for an apartment and crash Craig's list out of the rental market. John Hobbs as CEO and co-founder of apparently he's here John thanks very high spirited -- carried it -- priceless. I think you have to have more listings than they have so what we do -- apartment listed as we have the fastest for an apartment search engine in the US today and so. We're trying to solve the problem finding places to live for the hundred million runners had states and the way to do it is. -- all the single family homes all the condos and all the apartment both buildings in the country and put him on one web site. And so that's what we bring. How do you do that I mean that's a huge huge task. How do you establish those relationships. It's all about the -- -- we have 63 people based in San Francisco and it. He'd sleep and -- apartment -- and so the biggest thing for us is making sure that we have the highest quality inventory across the United States without scams. And -- complete -- scandal. Hurry because naturally the trick is -- and I mean Craigslist is known for -- and I certainly still use it but you go you see these web sites. That have pictures of amazing apartment rentals and then you get there and it's a total up. -- the first thing in notices. If it's too good to be true probably is I don't like -- that -- -- believe that that stainless steel appliances granite countertop for 200 a month exit the biggest news watch. Out for the classic is the bait and switch so he'll -- an underpriced apartments. And that brokers represented almost re hey come check it out in the decision yet they're like oh lead just routed out I've got this one across town that's a little more expensive that you might want to check -- that's a big one. Another stimulus the a lot of his hey I'm traveling for a month the United Kingdom feel free to write a check department -- send me a cashier's check and announcing UDC's. And these -- where else they wouldn't be trying to but the way that we keep them off. Apartment was is actually through algorithms so we used a bunch of heavy. Off the web site. Algorithms so I'm gonna guess that the algorithm doesn't get it right all the time but you fight at what percent of the time is it getting it right. It gets -- a very high percentage of the time and the rest we actually -- manually when they're reported from our actual users how -- money. How we make money when people sign -- -- an a in the apartments that are represented our sites -- just like Google has organic search results and sponsored search results. Now we have the same type of situation. You also have this -- That I love has its like 88 DD happen but for apartment rentals and in New York City. And -- lot of big cities you have a lot of young people they move around. They get somewhere they don't have -- -- to live with since you're offering them their option. We are we actually 70% of our monthly visitors are mobile. So we launched an iPhone app in an injury that help search for your apartments called apartment -- on in the App Store. And we also think -- remained -- bureau and so we -- the same -- in months. A -- finding out -- pipeline and how many people are using with that we've got tough tough. Hopefully not to mention but we are -- -- about simulators -- -- right now. Two million yeah what's the goal. The -- refreshing Craigslist. Very noble goal what's the goal the go for us is really. Civility and and iconic brand -- -- -- in the United States of America it's such a huge pain point for so many people and in my co-founder Chris turner and I kind of dream about solving this problem -- the the ultimate -- -- you know to assemble -- in this can go do that. What has banned in India start up experience what's been the smartest and the least intelligent thing in dozens -- -- the big mistake you made. I think the Smart misses us bail out of my time turner period like the top talent in Silicon Valley to join our team. I'm just one of our employees and we have an amazing group of folks that are dedicated its -- problem. The biggest mistake I made its once I bought a billboard and that was like the lowest -- -- markets. You gotta build learned over the where -- the billboard -- favorite actor Matt down on the side of that really is -- -- I think six people how much did you spend. No comment. With your faith or don't know it well at least you -- there I'm yeah. Still in terms of the city's right now in America where you where the least expensive of the most expensive cities to -- The most expensive -- classic kind of yeah Francisco Boston New York. Least expensive your look at Tucson. Which it Toledo. But on average across the United States rents are up this year about two and a half percent increase across the United States. Cities you might not expect Portland organs rents are -- 10% this year. Fremont California is up 9% or Colorado up 8%. It's interesting some of those cities are the places where I've heard that the tech community is going because it's cheaper and the rats had always been -- so -- -- will recruit talent. -- -- a little less and they'll be willing to live here. And and it's -- like wherever the tech world goes the rents fall out. Let's listen to say I think that's certainly in the northwest with silicon force in Portland it's growing so quickly right now. And then three months just you know on the outskirts of San -- is just a lot less expensive but. You know where we we do think that you know new technology does gonna increase or -- -- the economy the local economies and that's gonna -- -- typically. Last question how do you find that needle in the haystack deal. The one that does sound too good to be true but you feel really happy about moving in and -- you have no reservations after you've signed -- -- Yeah I think -- the best way to do it is to set up alerts real time alerts on your mobile -- so you know this what we built a custom featured just for this. Set up -- -- and -- you'll get notified as soon as somebody's available that Mitt meets your criteria. And then I would just move really quickly I treat my apartment search -- -- job search got a resume where serious nature here on your best behavior and try to win -- that landmark. Remind us where can we use your app where we find it where we find out in front in the iTunes store and -- apartment was and remains an internal support -- -- Google -- store apartments and remains -- thanks so much had easier thanks Rebecca community that's witches. Now gonna take a look from the middle class rather the decline of the middle class in the United States on its way to energy independence there were so many big stories this year and we want to bring an ABC news correspondent Richard Davies. Who has been chronicling them all. All over ABC news all over the radio you've heard his voice you've seen him before and Richard I want to start out with this. Target story because we didn't necessarily anticipate this would become a big story of the year but it looks like. Forty million people that's a lot of people and a lot of compromise data. This is a huge security breach as you said forty million either credit cards or debit cards potentially compromised a lot of people now at risk for identity theft that weren't. Before the Thanksgiving Day holiday all these target shoppers so its security experts say. Check your credit card bills check your bank bills to make sure you're not a victim of theft. And when you think about it that's probably just the whole idea the whole notion of security and how secure our information is. Big story for this year and probably a big story for next year as well. The energy independence story such a dramatic difference for this country this year and probably next year to Richard. This is a really big deal the energy independence of the United States is improving every year overseeing a big increase in oil and gas production in America. And according to the Energy Department. That's likely to lead to lower energy prices -- the future very good news for motorists and for people who heat their homes and have very expensive winter is coming up. Absolutely housing -- car sales huge story this year hot housing and car sales we now have foreclosure rates down the lowest level in nine years that since well before the recession. We also have car sales running at a rate of sixteen million car sales -- here. That's the highest since 2005. So we've really seen -- comeback in those areas. And we have seen -- also decline. In the middle class middle class incomes remain completely stagnant last year you know Rebecca I call this a change one mind economy and the reason for that is. There's a real gap between consumers' perceptions. Of how the economy is many consumers they were still in a recession and what's been going on with things like energy and car sales in the housing market. And I think the biggest reason why people are so down on the economy it may be about to change their minds as. Living standards have been flat the jobs market has been sluggish and for many people things just haven't got better I think though that -- these other improvements. Things may be about to change. That we like -- -- that things might be enough about to change and you've got and -- your -- -- the couple weeks away. What -- big things you're watching in the business and -- can. Next front for next year Richard. I think once again it's gotta be technology you know we spoke with Ilan mosque and Jeff saves us during 2013. Here at ABC news and they're the best known innovators out there but there are many other people as well -- -- in the forefront of robot technology. Even private space exploration. And things as mundane as improving the shipping time on the packages they were receiving for the holiday shopping season I think that. More in -- we're seeing American innovation to the four that story's going to be big for 2014. ABC news is Richard Davies thanks so much richer we'll see in the new -- I'm certain of it thanks Rebecca take care. And ABC news technology editor Joanna stern is here Whitney epic tech sales of 2013 if you haven't heard of them. Well there is a reason for that -- you love to follow the epic -- now. -- she do you like -- do you prefer the the failed stories or the big stories of success. I think the good part is you don't know if it's going to be a foul and you kind of get that feeling that they know like maybe he's gonna pull through this ain't gonna root for someone to fail. Of course not I didn't feel it felt like. How -- -- looking at these things is you you see so much technology I do are there any sign that something is going to be -- ahead of time that you just know in your gut it's not gonna work out. I mean. There's definitely reviews ray I I'd definitely. When you get a product in your hand and you see that the user experience isn't great you kind of get the feeling -- maybe this is going to be great. And then when you see it's sort of not resonate with users that you're really sure that I had a -- -- this wasn't for this company so what what -- the hijacker or the thing that turned out to really be bill this year so the first one I've been talking about its face become this was Facebook's effort to sort of get into the phone space they increase their own on the decreed this -- for android sort of -- user experience that -- faced a different -- -- -- I'm on your. Android Smartphone the thing wouldn't that it really just only gave you FaceBook and you would turn on your phone you just see photos of your FaceBook news feed. Could -- -- control what you -- seeing. -- some odd things -- used I think what I weirdest thing you sides -- at a actually say it was a treated it was like a photo that someone coming through Twitter a it was a semi naked guy you and -- sort of opening -- -- like -- is this -- it was one of those -- you -- had to look closer and it wasn't naked guy it was like some sort of either being you know that's -- -- Yeah her yap -- -- leave it there so basically you're honest -- I I wanted to be and might be as honest about -- -- thought -- was that was out her face Beckett was had to do with -- men pulled out of Samsung galaxy year yes AJ it's. Together -- stamping -- the it was another -- -- -- and similar to FaceBook it just didn't have a -- user experience the whole point of Smart watches was supposed to be that you don't -- -- -- -- all the right right but why is it better to be looking -- your -- all the time in navigating through menus so I think Smart watches are going to be a huge thing in 2014. I think that there early -- -- from Samsung was sort of like let's just get something out let's be ahead of the curve here we haven't always been ahead of the curve. And that didn't work out the best and they just wanted to say -- work hard hats were going to be part of -- threat who you think will be the big names for that. Portion of the next year I think I think it's going to be a battle between on the big companies -- -- where we're obviously hearing Apple's gonna be in the race Google as well on Microsoft rumors have. There -- rumors about Microsoft as well so I think it's going to be a space to watch. Thank you can't watch -- Yes -- related. I -- -- Blackberry for so many years now -- -- sad story because I actually I still use a Blackberry for work I know I -- because I can eat it because I'd like to type on the screen and there's -- -- and how they're new they're they're new Z ten. And he didn't have the screen that everybody loved to rely on -- and have a keyboard that's what everybody needs it and and then they came. -- with one with a Q ten it had the keyboard but the whole story -- Blackberry was too little too weak even if it was a great product and solace with Microsoft this year to with the surface. Even if it was a great product. Other products had just become so much better in the years that they took to catch up. And if this story it's a sad story about not -- fast tonight enough. Not keeping ahead of the trends so yeah I'm I am with you there excess I think many of my fans now I'm a huge Blackberry fan IE. Love the keyboard back. I just don't know how much longer will be using them. Well you investor and. We always appreciate hearing from -- and I want to congratulate you because you'll be moving on from ABC news and now -- are -- -- -- the Wall Street -- game but in the new year everybody in college administered. So be heading over to the Wall Street Journal we always love talking with you and -- hope to be here on Romans up of course I'm very always welcome here on real enough talk about it Manning. Here. Comments at bats were actually I can't OK well mobile won't hold you to -- for as much -- my epic ballot that. Join ministers never -- what do ministered thank you so -- your best wishes with everything in the street journal and happy new year. Already everybody -- until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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