No More Hidden Airline Fees

Gabe Saglie explains the airline fee changes that took effect today.
3:24 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for No More Hidden Airline Fees
-- does hitting -- when you hop a flight well. They're not going away sorry but based in new rules taking effect today you'll know about them at least ahead of time. Here to tell us more is gave -- sadly a senior editor for travels in the online guide to the world's best travel deals gave thanks so much for -- -- certain to be here so really timely topic is live in the travel at this time of year starting today -- -- -- have to include. Taxes and fees look surcharges are we talking about how much can. -- yeah and then actually this is a big win for consumers I think because on the short term it'll take some getting used to we'll start sees a bigger. Ticket prices for air for about what that'll mean is that today -- -- -- -- and fees. Usually and I domestic roundtrip tickets about 21 dollars in these federal taxes and airport fees if you've got to stop along the way. -- a double those about 42 and of course an international flights. 1200 dollars in international taxes and fees. As so is -- customary before these rules and went into effect sees that he sort of -- 49 dollar fares you click on them very tough to find -- -- on booking their turned out it's too. But so now the sticker price -- will be bigger it will be instead of 39 dollars maybe it'll be 99 but that'll be the round trip fare with the included. Taxes and fees ultimately I think it'll help us budget our vacations and flights. And no false advertising -- -- also -- as of today airlines have to. Clearly show any added fees on their actual web site and that does include things like -- Indeed get -- -- is the big one is certainly things like Alessio and I'll see with some potential cost of more than that middle seat. These are these extra fees which now there was airlines are required to show more much more prominently during the online booking process. And -- -- booking to get on the phone with an agent -- required to advise you these potential fees like baggage fees both before and after you've actually made your purchase so. The adolescent -- surprising at the airport about another fifty -- a check my bags you will be better armed with information about the -- at the time direction doing -- -- That's also a new rule that I didn't know about it prevented airlines from hiking affair after you've already purchased it I know that this was something that happened -- At all play does not. All that often happened but there was no rule that in the books and the to this point that it prevented them from doing that the exception being hit that it -- the -- government. Tax that actually goes up. Then you could actually end up paying a little bit more active actually -- -- -- again this doesn't usually happen but now there's a -- in the books and it's a sort of a comfort for the content. Another consumer protection in -- it seems like a lot of wins for the -- consumer has another new rule. Gives you 24 hours to change your mind. Yeah about a taken without a penalty and I -- this and I really like because those of us who travel often usually have fluctuating plans. Right now if you want to change your flight that you purchase it -- earlier flight than they are different flight eight these change fees and money -- 150 don't play. Rather prohibits an idea that a 24 hour window -- change of mind he basically holding that ticket for -- 24 hours as long as your flight is at least seven days out. So if you want a change of flight if you want it was canceled the trip altogether. No change fees. I -- in the first -- -- four hours five law by law and now -- what you are responsible for any fare differences. But at least -- 10050 dollar. You know stick it tool for changing your mind is -- in this first 24 that clears up a lot of things games -- from travels if thanks semi -- thanks.

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{"id":15448888,"title":"No More Hidden Airline Fees","duration":"3:24","description":"Gabe Saglie explains the airline fee changes that took effect today.","url":"/Business/video/hidden-airline-fees-15448888","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}