$9.99 Gas Prices Posted in Protest

Northeast gas station owners rally against price of gas charged by Lukoil North America.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for $9.99 Gas Prices Posted in Protest
-- -- Got my attention I'm going to be -- Numerous new gas prices were high but can't believe the fight -- this lukoil station at second and Lehigh and North Philadelphia. And -- would react. Big news not like Yahoo! and Beverly hill litany that movies are bonded you -- low income area and ten dollars a gallon. That's unreal what the outrageous price hike is -- one day protest but more than fifty lukoil station owners in New Jersey. And Pennsylvania. Owners wanna get the parent company that tension and raise consumer awareness about what they say -- lukoil unfair wholesale prices. But -- -- Ponte -- owed this -- franchise for four years. Because it eases his property he -- -- which isn't it paid 25 to thirty cents more per gallon than his competition. Lukoil has been charging us a lot of money for gas over price and us and we're not able to compete with the competition. And we've been -- lot of business past couple years they're messing with our livelihood. Robert Richardson was on his cell phone and at first didn't realize the high price he was named to fill up his -- I stopped that Letterman's sex right noticed it's ten dollars a gallon but even then it's ridiculous -- don't think about the data will complain about 354 -- again. When -- what this protest is all about motorists -- supportive of the owner although they are getting their gas down the block. Aponte is asking that the -- -- directly to complain. We -- we have no choice because it's either. Do this get their attention or bought a business.

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{"id":17223814,"title":"$9.99 Gas Prices Posted in Protest","duration":"3:00","description":"Northeast gas station owners rally against price of gas charged by Lukoil North America.","url":"/Business/video/high-lukoil-gas-prices-posted-in-protest-17223814","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}