Hints To a Healthier Life

Hint Water CEO Kara Goldin on breaking into the beverage industry.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for Hints To a Healthier Life
Here's a -- to tackle obesity in America drink more water we -- know the advice but we tend to drink soda instead because the -- I admit. Regular water I often times go for the Diet Coke instead. Well that's going -- to bring nor in former AOL executive Kara -- creating heat water to healthy flavorful alternative. And she joins us now from Skype it's so good to see you care up. Mario I'm doing very well we have some of your waters right here in the real -- studio with us. Your back story when I first met you I loved your back story because you basically created this as you -- how good your drinking -- hit but Ukraine it hit. As you are literally trying to get rid of all of the toxins all the diet. Soft drinks in your life. Yeah exactly and add to your point about -- I mean I was drinking quite get it back out and it wanted to drink water back -- drinking water let's just. Really difficult because it was so boring and I started throwing -- in water. And pretty soon found that got -- -- enough to get -- actually done well. -- you started throwing and and I love also that the neighborhood kids started coming over to your house and is said to their parents. Mom dad like I want the water -- that we're drinking it. Over at the golden house I want to figure out and then the parents came to -- and said what are you putting in your water. And it was just -- -- -- -- -- Not so many people working. Here is -- adds a lot of flavor waters are out there and today pretty much every flavor water has some sort of sweetener and what -- its. Stevie or sugar or NutraSweet. You know what whatever it is so we really were. Going to capture a market that did not acts. For people that wanted to drink water really just didn't want all those -- and how did you land the first big deal Kara. So. I I really just put the product in my car and delivered it's a whole foods in San Francisco. Adams. Asked if I can't get an. I. And I think you know like every good arms -- -- is trying to you. You know figure out first how do I get it -- and how. You parity right you know make sure that against salt. So is just really about tenacity and going to the right places it probably also helped you had a background. In the tech industry. And and for example hands is is a very exciting product people around the country -- -- -- but out in San Francisco. There's a huge population that street. Absolutely an addition to stores like whole period sent many star facts we have many of the corporation patents that are. Trying to make sure that their employees how to help your beverages. Such as address and Google patent based but I. Are all drinking our products. I also heard as far as employees go one of yours last is it true ten pounds. After giving up diet sodas and drinking -- water. Absolutely. So I -- we hear. Every day from consumers as well we're back. You know they try our product patents what's interesting is many good people that are drinking our products are. Really wanting to drink the water outside was that really find it difficult to drink -- and many people are lifestyles that. Are -- -- during her off into -- take a look at sort of what they're putting into our bodies out. Many people are getting diagnosed with diabetes today we have a number pregnant people that are contacted us and number -- patients that really want to do away. Where it. These sweeteners and their drinks again whether it's sugar or ST yeah -- our product really fits the bill. Given and given -- each that your product has carved out car -- Do you see yourself sticking to. A water lane or do you think that -- could become something bigger than that and that you would actually go into other product categories -- -- -- focused on water. But we and number request from consumers often were the first stop for now realizing. You incident in their drinks and and ultimately -- news. And so are consumers really it. Getting more or aware what they're putting into their -- adds. I I think there it's definitely. Sort of it lends itself to be able to -- out. But in the near future our water's. -- it's. Kara -- founder and creator of hit water thank you so much for joining us today -- real -- it's a much Rebecca.

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{"id":22862778,"title":"Hints To a Healthier Life","duration":"3:00","description":"Hint Water CEO Kara Goldin on breaking into the beverage industry.","url":"/Business/video/hint-water-ceo-kara-goldin-interview-2014-hints-22862778","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}